Illusion …” Thé SECRET ” !!!

29 May

My Own View on The Secret Book and Concept !!

Talking ” Law Of Attraction ” … There is One ” The Secret ” Who Can Claim Knows what’s Good or Bad to Attract in a laps time of Life !? Did the one created was thinking .. About the UNIVERSAL LAWS … And Posing the Human Being in the God Place ?! How under our Human Limitations One will be able to determine at Long Term that the Object of its desire will be a Garanty of Late Happiness ? BIG ILLUSION .. But some needs To leave in an Artificial Illusionary World so .. For this ones .. As well for the ” Materialist ” .. Gridy .. Artificial Exterieure Beauty which Shining … For the one who Material Values are a priority .. For All this ones The Secret was an Opportunity to develop more their Illusion and spreading their illusion !! In fact what was the Real Purpose ?!? The real Purpose was a ” Money Machine ” and not seaking the People Wellbeing !!! Very Powerful tool … For the ones with No Spiritual And Real Values !! The Secret make people believe they can be in a Perfect Control of their Lives … And this is not the prerogative of The ones working in Higher Plans of Consciousness , not for the ones who knows the means of Karma , the means of the BELIEVE that everything you deserved to have will come in right time and Space as everything in the Universe it’s pre Writed in the Book of Life and … Not everything in our Control !! We may first work and give the tools for Developping a Higher Human Consciousness , prior to Give Tools to Develop unlimited and many times Unhealthy Mind and Soul Desires ! Institut Anca

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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