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Therapeutic Bath and is Multiple Benefits !!

For Your Bath to Become really Therapeutic the use of pure Essential Oils by the Aromatic Specifity of Each Essential Oils , will respond to many different conditions , as much Phisicaly as the Psychologically effects , treating the Body in all its Dimension !!! Each Essential Oil having its own Specificity and even more potential Benefits by Synergic Blends !!! As We Know Aromatherapy having multiple Health Benefits and again as I am Always Mention it is not about a Fragrance that you may Like but a Specific Essential Oil depending on The Therapeutic Effect we may look for !!! Mean time I do not want to forget to mention the Benefits of Argiles as RHaSSOUL for its Detoxifiant Effects and of Corse Salts as Sea Salt and Epsom Salt !!! Enjoy a Bath and you will really Feel the Multiples Benefits , Phisicaly , Emotionally and of Course as a Great Time dedicated to YOURSELF !!! A LOVE RITUEL !! ❤❤❤
Therapeutic baths are a simple, inexpensive and effective way to keep the body and spirit in top form. An enjoyable and potent therapy, restorative baths are an excellent addition to any healing protocol.

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Don’t Ever Diffuse Artificial Fragrances !!! Always choose Pure Essentials Oils !!!

Lavender Aromatherapy Benefits

When you use Lavender essential oil or an absolute for Aromatherapy purposes you reap all the good benefits Lavender has to offer.

Some of the main Lavender Aromatherapy benefits include promoting stress relief, being a natural remedy for insomnia, and boosting / supporting a healthy immune system!

How to Use Lavender for Aromatherapy?

Inhaling the sweet smell of this wonderful plant brings almost instant calm and relaxation to even the most stressful of atmospheres. Lavender has been shown to be a natural alternative medical treatment approach to treating insomnia, naturally relieving headaches, and promoting inner peace by bringing relief from anxiety.

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Patchouli Essential Oil Benefits and Properties !


Avertissement : les propriétés, indications et utilisations portées à votre connaissance par ce focus sont des extraits d’ouvrages scientifiques d’auteurs reconnus ayant fait l’objet d’une sélection par notre équipe de chercheurs formée de 4 ingénieurs chimistes et d’un pharmacien.

Propriétés :

Décongestionnante, favorise la circulation veineuse

– Régénératrice des tissus, s’oppose à la putréfaction, cicatrisante

– Stimulante digestive

– Tonique (si prise à petite dose), aphrodisiaque

– Anti-inflammatoire

– Anti-infectieuse et antiseptique

– Éloigne les insectes

Indications :

– Problèmes circulatoires, hémorroïdes externes et internes, varices, cellulite, rétention d’eau

– Problèmes cutanés : acné, eczéma séborrhéique, dermatoses inflammatoires et allergiques, parasitose, mycose, impétigo

– Escarre, crevasse, rides, peaux sèches et asphyxiées, cicatrices, peaux grasses et chargées

– Infections intestinales

– Frigidité, impuissance, épuisement

Usage externe :

– Frictions localisées,

– Onctions huileuses locales et massages,

– Bain : 10 gouttes dans de la poudre de lait,

– Soins de la peau : fumigations et applications sur les irritations.

Précautions d’emploi :

Attention : cette huile est tonique lorsqu’elle est utilisée à faible dose ; elle est par contre sédative à forte dose.

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Frankincense !? It is Magic Healing !!!

Frankincense essential oil taken internally and breathed in has shown in scientific studies to shrink tumors. Also it has been used to cure many ailments for thousands of years. Also, practicing tumor shrinking meditation for 5 min a Day will be of a Great Healing Therapy !!!!

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Do you use essential oils?

Have you ever wondered about using Essential Oils? What are they? Why should you use them? Many people have heard of essential oils and just as many either don’t care what they are or dismiss them as something from the 60’s or for hippies. Essential oils have actually been used for fragrant purposes and healing purposes since the 12th century. We are excited to let you know that introducing essential oils really can be beneficial to those seeking a healthy lifestyle, a healthier environment or a healthier home.
Essential Oils provide an alternative to those wondering how they can free themselves from the bombardment of chemicals we use on a daily basis. We love using essential oils as an alternative to many of today’s chemicals.  They are so great, you just might want to make these oils an “essential” part of your life as well!


Aromatherapy Stress Reduction , Headache , Sinus Congestion , Cold etc … Carry on !!! 10.00. $ each

This nifty little aromatherapy stress remedy is great because you can carry it in your bag or keep it in your desk (keep an extra one in your car – it’s great for road rage!) and use it whenever you need a time-out. Himalayan Pink Salt Essential Oils Infused !

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Essential Oils For Autumn make you Feel the Connection to the Earth Energy !! Being ONE with the UNIVERSE and Mother Earth !!! Feeling the LOVE and GRATITUDE !! Feeling being in the Right Time and Place !!!

Cinnamon, Anise, Nutmeg and CloveAs Autumn brings forth its cooler temperatures and richly colored falling leaves, it’s a perfect time to enjoy diffusing and blending with warming essential oils like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove. Enjoy the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Autumn – Winter Formulation !!!

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