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The MOON .. A Feminine Symbolism !

As the moon holds within her the totality of the feminine experience, she is most closely associated with the old and wise (or old and fearful) crone. The old woman has lived through her girlhood and has been a mother, and now contains within her the wisdom and the experience of all the parts of woman’s life. Like the moon, whose phases repeat and repeat, the final phase contains the knowledge of the others before it. Therefore, the moon’s connection with superstition and fear of the dark is but a reflection of the dark old crone who can foretell death and whose age makes her both venerated and Feared !

The Shadow Side of Sun’s Light
As a mirror that reflects the light of the sun, the moon represents the shadow side of the sun’s light. The Moon reflects the mystery and fear within our souls. It reflects to us all that we cannot see inside ourselves because we cannot look directly at the brilliant sun. We look to the moon to see our face, just as we look into the mirror to see ourselves because we can never directly look at our own face. The mirror of the moon illuminates both the darkness of the night, our shadow part, and the blue day sky, our conscious selves.

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