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To Remain INFANTILE make in Peril your Future as an ADULT !!! Carl Gustav Jung !

To remain infantile makes one’s future regrettable

Infantilism, however, is something extremely ambiguous. First, it can be either genuine or purely symptomatic; and second, it can be either residuary or embryonic. There is an enormous difference between something that has remained infantile and something that is in the process of growth. Both can take an infantile or embryonic form, and more often than not it is impossible to tell at first glance whether we are dealing with a regrettably persistent fragment of infantile life or with a vitally important creative beginning. To deride these possibilities is to act like a dullard who does not know that the future is more important than the past.

“The State of Psychotherapy Today” (1934). In CW 10: Civilization in Transition. P.345

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Personality versus Individuality and WHY it’s a Need to Practice AWARENESS !!!

“Unless you drop your personality, you will not be able to find your individuality. Individuality is given by existence, personality is imposed by society – a mere social convenience” – Osho

I am in the process of re-aligning my belief system to embrace Universal principles. This gives birth to new thoughts and bahavior which makes using the paradigm of my actions from years ago, or even yesterday to define me, is meaningless. The practice of awareness is constantly revealing my errors in thinking and with it, new lessons to be learnt and new mind-sets to cement each and every moment.

There is a difference in unconsciously repeating patterns in our thinking we never question, and consciously redirecting our sense of self towards an innate feeling of ‘rightness’.

Osho tells an old Zen story about a lion who was brought up by sheep and grew up thinking he was a sheep. One day an older lion took him to a pond and showed him his own reflection. We are that lion, made to believe that we are sheep. The sheep moves in the crowd, the lion moves alone. We are born lions but society has programmed us to be sheep, with a molded personality…
Today, as I gaze into that pond, loving every new sensation reflecting back at me, I lift my head, throw back my mane… and roar…

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