Aromatherapy Friends !

30 Oct

Institut Anca Team and Friends , Aims raise awareness about a more conscious way of living through Aromatherapy.

Every purchase decision we make has an important effect on the planet, whether it be food, skincare or medicine. The effects can have local as well as far reaching consequences on animals, peoples and the environment.

The ethical practice & use of Aromatherapy, contributes to the health and well being of the planet, its animals and peoples.

Buying & using certified organic, wild crafted or bio-dynamically cultivated essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols from ethical & sustainable suppliers and businesses helps to ensure:

  • That species are protected (both animals and plants), minimising diversity loss and forest depletion
  • That our food chain and delicate ecosystems are not being poisoned by the use of pesticides & other chemicals/ toxins
  • That the welfare of indigenous peoples is put before business
  • That we are using the best possible quality products made from the purest ingredients provided by Companies Eco Bio Org Certified !

This is WHY being Conscious on an UNIVERSAL Dimension Help to Save And Preserve our Planet – Mother Earth Ressources , Faune and Flora

None of the Claims in this Site should be taken as aMedical Advise with the Intention to Diagnose ,Cure or Prevent any Desease or Act as a Substitut of a Medical Consultation with Your Doctor ! If Symptoms Persist p,ease Consult your Doctor !!!

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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