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Thank You Anne Marie Lamonde , Gary Zourikian , Isabelle Zourikian , Cap Jens Wold !! Here it is More for Your Info concerning the GOLD of The Concentrate Oil Figue de Barbarie !! The Most PRECIOUS OIL in the WORLD !!!! Thank You Gary Zourikian ! I am Happy that You and Isabelle Enjoy it !! It is a Fact that This Concentrate From the Figue de Barbarie Seeds it is as the GOLD !!! Big Skin Improvment can be see it even the Day After !! Should be Apply to the Skin in The Evening and Morning Already YOUR SKIN SHOWS the RESULTS .. A Soft and Very Moisturised Skin , Revitalise and Wrinkles Appareance Diminish !!! Yesterday one of My Customer Give to Me a Nice Compliment on My Skin !!! I am Happy Also that We Deal Direct With the Cooperative CHABAB ZERHOUN from MEKNES MAROC !!! It is Really about the Purity of This Concentrate Oil from the Heart of The Figue de Barbarie !! It is a Chance to get this Direct from Them without suffering No Chemical Transformation and We Just Have to Remember That We are HELPING THIS PEOPLE for Who it is The Only Source of Living !!! Yes this is Also Very Important To Notice and To Stop to Like L’Oreal , Lancôme etc who Mesmerise People with Their Campagne of Publicity !!!! Soon This Company will Start to Produce Skin Care with Figue de Barbarie but cause it is the Most Efficient Ingredient on The Market , the Most PRECIOUS OIL but you may Have to Wonder what Purcent of the Oil will have in the Creams … And How the Purity will be affected !!! It is A CHANCE that I can OfFER TO YOU THIS PRECIOUS CONCENTRATE From the HEART of FIGUE before Any One Else Having !!!! Takes me Weeks of Exchanges and Nights to Be Able to Get This From SOURCE in an Unalterated Forme !!! This Concentrate Oil it is Certified Being BIO ORG 100% Natural By a A Laboratory in Germany !! Certification Available !!

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New Rhassoul Formulations with 100% Natural Essential Oils ! Rhassoul- Lavander , Rhassoul- Ylang- Ylang , Rhassoul- Rose , Rhassoul- Jasmine , Rhassoul- Rosemary, Rhassoul-Eucalyptus , Rhassoul- Cedar Wood, Rhassoul – Rose Wood , Rhassoul Marakesh Amber or Musk , Rhassoul – Lemon , Rhassoul – Verveine , Rhassoul – Patchouli !! Ask for a Sample on Your Next Appoint .. But let me know in Advance to prepare for You !!!!

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Amazing Qualities and Benefits of Rhassoul and Tips for Using !!!!

Personally, I believe that nature has given us everything. But marketing and advertising convinces us otherwise.

What is Rhassoul clay?

Rhassoul comes from the Arabic word “rassala” meaning “washing’’. It is found deep beneath the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This clay is probably one of the most perfect clays in the world, because it is ideal for all skin care and dermatological uses.

Rhassoul has been used for over 1400 years by nobles in ancient Rome and Egypt as a soap, shampoo and skin conditioner. It has an outstanding ability to cleanse, nourish and condition the skin and hair.


Properties of Rhassoul clay?

Easy to use Rhassoul is 100% natural and ecological.
It contains higher percentages of silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other trace minerals than other clays. These minerals make the clay highly detoxifying as they can actually exchange themselves for toxic compounds like metals in the skin. The clay not only works to remove impurities from your skin, it also replaces them with nourishing trace minerals. The clay’s high level of ions exchange makes it ideal for toning and enriching the skin. Perhaps the best part about Rhassoul clay is what it doesn’t contain! No petrochemical derivatives, no synthetic preservatives, no surfactants or artificial colors … all of which are common in commercial soaps and cleansers.(3)

Uses of Rhassoul clay?

Rhassoul clay may also help to improve the appearance of skin troubled by eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. In addition, it helps with dandruff and thinning hair.


Using Rhassoul Clay as Shampoo?

The amount of Rhassoul clay you use will depend on the length and thickness of your hair.


With a non-metallic bowl and spoon mix the clay with warm water or rose water to obtain a smooth creamy paste let the mixture hydrate for 5 to 10 minutes.(3) Wet your hair and divide it into 4 sections. Curly hair is delicate and can be oversensitive to rough handling so apply clay gently. Leave it in your hair for about 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water, then condition and style.

The results are fantastic! Rhassoul removes build-up and leaves your hair clean, and moisturized!

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
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Anciennes Soins 100% Naturels Beauté – Tradition – Santé !!

Le Savon d’ Alep , le Plus Vieux Savon du Monde et est l’ Ancêtre du Savin de Marseille ! Il est fabriqué depuis plu de 3000 ans dans la Ville d’Alep dans le Nord de Syrie !
Il est produit à partir d’une Huile d’Olive de Première Qualité , mélangée avec de l’huile de Baie de Laurier ! C’est Un savon doux qui respecte même la Peau des Bébés !!
Ainsi , comme pour le savons de Marseille ,des nombreux Dermatologues le recommandent pour les peaux délicates ou Sèches ! Il soigne les Problèmes d’ ACNÉ , ECZÉMA , PSORIASIS ! Le savon peut Etre utilisé en Shampooing 1-2 Fous par semaine ! Excellent pour lutter contre les Pellicules ! 15$
Rhassoul Parfumé aux Huiles Essentielles ! Cette Argile Peut être considérer comme une Produit indispensable pour le Soin du Corp , Visage et Cheveux ! Propriétés : absorbante, gonflante , détersive , adoucissante , gommage , Mask Visage et Corps ,dégraissant !!! Il nous arrive des Montagnes d’Atlas au Maroc !! C’est la ” Terre qui Lave ” !! Un Produit Magic avec des Multiples Bénéfices pour La Peau et Cheveux !! Très Recommandée pour Traiter les Comédons et L’Acné !! 25.00$
L’Huiles 100% Naturel Infusée Au Romarin – Baie de Laurier pour Soulager Muscles et Douleur Arthritiques !
Pour Commander ou tout question , envoyer nous un Email a Paiement Sécurisé suite à Une Facture de PayPal !


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Hammam Pleasure and wellness/Beaute Hammam


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Hammam – Scrubbing Away the Moroccan Way

Hammam – Scrubbing Away the Moroccan Way.


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Do you use essential oils?

Have you ever wondered about using Essential Oils? What are they? Why should you use them? Many people have heard of essential oils and just as many either don’t care what they are or dismiss them as something from the 60’s or for hippies. Essential oils have actually been used for fragrant purposes and healing purposes since the 12th century. We are excited to let you know that introducing essential oils really can be beneficial to those seeking a healthy lifestyle, a healthier environment or a healthier home.
Essential Oils provide an alternative to those wondering how they can free themselves from the bombardment of chemicals we use on a daily basis. We love using essential oils as an alternative to many of today’s chemicals.  They are so great, you just might want to make these oils an “essential” part of your life as well!


Le Hammam ..Tradition d“Orient pour le Bien Etre Beaute !! Alors Mesieurs ,Dames pour quand le Gommage au Savons Noir ?


Voila encore le Pouvoir des Huiles Essentielles en Synergie avec l`hile de Figue de Barbarie !!


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Vertus de l“Huile d“Argan



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