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No time to waste…

beautiful-cat-nature-hunter-grass-animals-large-on-the-394553Never say that you’re bored because the universe is endless and timeless. Even the mind and your thoughts are just as timeless… So NO TIME TO WASTE and to be bored… Travel those spaces!

Gary Z.


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Mother nature…

Mother nature will always have her way! One way or another she has the secrets of our health and wellbeing so respect her and take care of her as your OWN.
Have a great day!

Gary Z.



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Money and happiness…

imagesCAFC86C9 Yes, money does buy happiness and comfort but up to a certain point where you are able to live comfortably with the 3 basic needs(food, shelter and clothes). Beyond that, more and more cash doesn’t boost your wellbeing. Generosity brings true joy… So making excessive amounts of money wouldn’t contribute to your happiness. Of course education and a little of leisure money is good!
The more you give from your heart the more you will receive in any way and not necessarily moneywise but you will receive… This will be TRUE HAPPINESS!!

Gary Z.


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Few of the Natural Ways on how To Keep a Strong Immunity !!

Natural ways to strengthen the immune system include: 1. Keep blood levels of Vitamin D between 50-70 ng/ml.

2. Avoid sugar, especially while sick as it weakens the immune system.

3. Sleep as much as possible.

4. Manage stress levels with prayer, meditation, yoga, bubble baths, or anything else that works!

5. Exercise.

6. Take Omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Wash hands frequently, but avoid antibacterial products

. 8. Avoid hospitals.

I would also add anything that is not processed or altered chemically!

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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Living with awareness

Living a healthy conscious lifestyle has to come from within our deepest beliefs in the respect of nature, environment and ecosystem… Integrate exercise(sports, playing outdoors, walks… etc), nutritious foods, juices and some time to enjoy good company and quiet times, perhaps in nature, to connect with LIFE as a whole:-)
Have a good weekend>>>



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Remember, the focus is on who you have become, not what you have done or accumulated.

Your entire journey into your future is to become a better person. You will accomplish things and may very well accumulate a great amount of wealth; but because you have worked on who you are, you will begin to actually find happiness. That is what this life is about.

There is a better you inside. Let us find it!

Gary Z.

.Surfer Dudes and Pier at Hanalei Bay Kauai Hawaii USA. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

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