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About Law of Attraction and the ” Secret ” !!!!!

As a Holistic Therapist and a Big Beliver in The Universe Laws … Mean time a Kabbalist by Life and Karmic Soul Experience I will share with You My Own Soul ” Learning ” through Answers from the Universe and Through Awareness !!! Of Course each Soul have it’s Own Journey , missions and own need of learning and evolution it is very proper to every Soul !!!! The Univers Law acting Different from a soul to another and never One Law are acting the same , again according to each soul needs !!! To sustain my word and for a Better Understanding of ” My Theory ” I will only use one of phrase ,being a Strong testimonial in favor of Your Believes and Very Inspirational or Me , but , it is here something more deep , which have a Need of a more Introspection , as not being as Simple and Accesible in One Way as the ” Secret ” stipulated so , this Words needs to be ” Read ” between Lines and going Over what we ” See ” It !!!! So , let’s Analyze your Testimonial ” When Goduts a Dream in Your Heart , HE and again HE INTENDS for You to Do it …to adjust and navigate ACCORDINGLY ” !!!!! What I mean and Wants to pass my message to you and Others it is That YES , HIM the ALMIGHTHY , the UNIVERSE decided already your Soul Evolution , Your Soul Skills and what it is Important to All , it is All about AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS to discover your Soul Message , your Soul Mission !!!! In his Journey the Souls are Tested – as You Mentioned – but , sometimes Young Soul are Not Enough Aware and they don’t easly discover their mission so Then this is Why , sometimes God Responding NO , as an Advertisment saying ” No , Don’t go there , it is Not Good for You ” !!!!! Mean time how Surelly we know what it is Good and not Good for Us ????? What we are thinking it is Good , can be a Temporarly Good for Us helping and pushing us fr other Actions , all with the Purpose of Evolution !!!! The ” Secret ” can’t be taken ” a La Lettre ” !! What we think now it is Not Good for us can reveal being a Delivrance in the future !!! Understanding coming in perfect Time and Space and ALL what Comes To Us Have a Perfect , Positive Purpose which can’t be always understandable in present Time !!!!! I am Very Happy For You as the Unvers respond YES to your Requests and Dreams !!!! Your Dreams and Believes WERE ALREADY PREDESTINATED so …… This is Why we May Understand and Feel as The Universe Decide, Always, what it is The Best for Us !!!!! No Worries , ever , No Fears , Ever, as Long the Univers created a UNIQUE PURPOSE for each Soul !!!! Thank You for Visiting my Blog and wishing Your Soul the Accomplisments it needs !!!! Love to write , as you can see it and I Appology or my poor Lunguage , hoping it is enough Understandable as , English it is not my Primary Lunguage !!!! I am not worry cause SOULS have no need to Understand as we do with our Minds !!!! Much Love & Light !!!!! ❤❤❤

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