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Morocco Hammam Body Treatments !

The hammam starts by allowing the skin to warm and moisten and pores to open. The skin is then cleaned with Moroccan Savon Noir, a natural black soap that is make from olives that softens the skin and swells the dead skin cells allowing them to be easily removed. The second step of the process is the removal of the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin with the help of aMoroccan Exfoliating Glove, or Kessa. The women lays on a slab of marble and is vigorously scrubbed down froim head to toe. This glove exfoliates when rubbed onto the skin properly, causing the skin to literally shed dead skin. Next, one rinses with warm water to clear the area from the scubbing and a mask of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is applied. A massage is perform at this time, allowing the clay to really absorb into the skin and clean deep within the pores. Deep within the Atlas Moutains the clay is mined and processed into a dry powder and then mixed with water for the hammam. The clay is known for is absorbtion characteristics. Notably, rhassoul is able to absorb 1.66 times its weight in toxins and oils and it is filled with amazing natural minerals. Once the clay has sit for approximately 15 minutes, it is rinsed off and the women is allowed to wash her hair, shave, etc. before leaving the hammam and being massaged in the post-hammam room where the pores are allowed to close and 100% Organic Argan Oil is applied to rehydrate the skin.

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Aromatherapy Facial for Oily Skin !!

Step 1 – Deep Cleansing with Rhassoul Clay in a Blend with Essential Oils of Rosemary and Lemon !! Steam for 10 Min !
Step 2 – Extraction of Black Heads follow by Vaporization of a Lemon Myrtle Tonic Water !! Step 3 – High Frequancy Purification and Ionization !!
Step 4 – Massage with Pure Argan Oil infused Frankincense Essential Oil followed by 10 Min Of Electronic Lifting !! Step 5 – Green Clay Mask blend with Sage pure Essential Oil !! 20 Min !


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Morocco Beauty Secret !! 25 .00 $

The Magic Rhassoul In a Blend with Pure Essentials Oils of Grapefruits , Sweet Orange , Frangipani !!!


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Internally & Externally Body DETOX with a RHASSOUL BATH !

Home Made Bath Salts Recipe – with Rhassoul Clay

200g/7oz Sea Salt Mix

50g Rhassoul Clay

1-2% Essential Oils

Simply mix your sea salt mix with the Rhassoul Clay, add your chosen essential oils and voila!

You could also add 1-2 tbs of carrier oil as this will help to counteract the drying effects of the sea salt and rhassoul. However, be careful as it may make your bath slippy!

These home made bath salts will help to detoxify and moisturise (if you use the carrier oil) your skin, soothe any aches and pains, plus depending on which essential oils you choose will also provide additional properties for your health and wellbeing!

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Cadeau Précieux de la Nature !! Le Rhassoul !!

La ” Terre qui Lave ” ..La ” Terre qui Nourrit et Guérit ” Naturellement Votre !! L” Unique Rhassoul à Base des Ingrédients 100 % Naturels issues d” qu’en Agriculture Biologique !!! Un Produit Unique et Multi Fonctions : Masque, Gommage , Cheveux comme Shampoing , Masque et Gommage Corps !!! Retrouver une Peau Douce , En Santé avec le Rhassoul à Base de l’Huile d’Argan Pure , Non torréfié et de l’Eau de Rose de Damas !!!


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Healing and a Closer Connection with Mother Earth and Nature !! The Morocco Clay it will not only Heal and Clean but more than That ..Reinforcing .Detoxify your System !to not talk about the Benefits into the Energetic Subtle Plan !! Everything have an Energy so Just Think about the Huge Charge we can Find on things coming from Earth coming to us full of the Energy of This Old Places .. Full if History !! This Clay is Charged of All The Sun Energy ..Charged of All the Hard Work of People ..!! It is a Nature Miracle broth to Us from Old Civilizations !! Don’t let yourself impressed by Artificial and Chemical Imitations !! Choose 100 % Natural and reinforced your Connection with the Nature !!

Made with 100% Natural Rhassoul Morocco Clay , Rose Geranium Water , Argan Oil !!


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Do YOU Know ?!

Do you Know !?

RHASSOUL by Itself as A Unique Miracle Earth Gift having so Many Uses !? Do You Know that Only Rhassoul can CLEAN , WASH , TREAT your Body , Face skin and Hair !?
Do You Know We Economise so Much By Only Using RHASSOUL as a Mask , Scrub , Shampoo and Body Wash plus Helping to Assure a Healthy Skin and Hair !? So I am Wondering Why Anyone will have the Need of 5 – 6 Products sitting on your Bathroom !? Plus All Products you are Stocking being Full Of so Many Damageable Chemicals !? I would like to know why You would Not Like ONE in Stead of 5 and mean Time Encouraging the Hard Work of Woman Cooperatives !?!?


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Hammam Pleasure and wellness/Beaute Hammam


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Hammam – Scrubbing Away the Moroccan Way

Hammam – Scrubbing Away the Moroccan Way.


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Les Secrets Beauté Ancestrales !!! Ancestrales Beauty Secrets from Maroc !

Les femmes marocaines ont plus d’un tour dans leur sac pour parfaire leur charme, leurs cosmétiques favoris se nomment savon noir , rhassoul, huile d’argan , huile d’olive, henne , miel… A cette liste s’ajoutent bien entendu des pratiques de beauté ancestrales telles que le hammam, la pose de tatouages éphémères, l’application d’onguents floraux parfumés, etc.

La beauté au Maroc, est une tradition qui se transmet de mère en fille.

Traditionnellement, c’est lors d’une séance de hammam que les femmes profitent au mieux de leurs recettes de beauté naturelles. En effet, la chaleur ouvre les pores, la peau est débarrassée de ses cellules mortes et autres impuretés…

La purification est obtenue par la transpiration et par un gommage qui, selon la tradition, doit être effectué par une « frotteuse » professionnelle à l’aide d’un gant de crêpe appelé kassa. Ce ponçage énergique permet de faire peau nette, et rend le corps doux comme du velours.

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
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