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My Feedback to the ” Green ” Supporters Group In LinkedIn !

Hello everyone !! As can be it seeit My Business already it is Green Oriented , by Purpose , Services , Natural Products , Holistic Healing and of Course an Environment dedicated to All Wellbeing , Healing and a Healthy Care for Human Beings ready to receive ! All my Activity , all My Blogs and Posts are Dedicated and oriented to the ” Green ” Purpose and to Rise the Whole World Consciousness !!! Lately I introduced ” Nuts Soap ” ” Noix de Lavage ” as a Natural And Healthy Way for Laundry and even Dishes !!! Natural Soaps as well ,made From Olive Oil , Natural Clay as the Rhassoul which it is the best replacement of Chemicals Shampoo , 100 % Aromatherapy Air Freshners and Deodorants !!! I am importing majority of My Jars and Bottles from Europe , which really care more and more for having and using an Ecological Packiging !!! Any visit and treatment it’s followed or start by a Fair Trade Org Bio Tea !!! Institut Anca Vegetable Oils are Naturally Plants infused oils , plants already Bio Org !!! Cleaning it is Done with Soda Bicarbonate , Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil !! All Ingredients used for Treatments are Provided by Certified Bio Org Suppliers from Canada , USA and A Lot from Europe and Few Of Them Kosher Certified !!! All of My Products are 100 % Natural , using Even Certified Bio Org Preservatives and None having Any Chemicals Composition !! As I can Noticed , not all people ready and Not All people really Understanding Why it is more Healthy to use Natural Products for Personal Hygiene , House or as Food !!! So many , not having Any Info about the Aromatherapy Benefits and The Use of Essential oils !!! I noticed Lots of People being concerned only for getting Free and Cheep Products , doesnt really Matter the Source !!! Have a Great Day Everyone and thank You for Your Dedication to all of the Green Group Members !!! Each One Voice it is Important and the Power Of One it is Huge when Unity for Same Purpose , Saving The Planet , Human And Animals Life , for future generations and for all of us , making Healthy Choices in a perfect Synergy with Mother Earth !!!

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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