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Treat Pimples & Acne Naturally !!! Great Benefices from LIME Fruit !!!

Pimple & Acne
The first way with rubbed
A sliced lime and then rubbed on the skin. lime it’s good to help eliminate acne and oil content in the skin of the face but not for too long will actually be damaged. Just 15-20 minutes, then flush with cold water. with use of 1-3 times a week at most. Because too often will make the skin is broken, so that weakens the defense of our skin. really sore but it will be free from acne. Note: Jeruk nipis not suggestion for person that have dry skin and sensitive skin
The second way with pressed1 lime, sliced into sections approximately 5-6 and then in the press and press into the face (not rubbed) to avoid painful, leave it to dry itself …. after that, wash your face thoroughly.

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