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Carl Gustav Jung in Understanding Hypocrisy !!!

C. G. Jung a few times referred to the hypocrisy of people who are not aware of the dark orshadow-side of their nature.

Every individual needs revolution, inner division, overthrow of the existing order, and renewal, but not by forcing them upon his neighbors under the hypocritical cloak ofChristian love or the sense of social responsibility or any of the other beautiful euphemisms for unconscious urges to personal power (Jung, 1966:5).

It is under all circumstances an advantage to be in full possession of one’s personality, otherwise the repressed elements will only crop up as a hindrance elsewhere, not just at some unimportant point, but at the very spot where we are most sensitive. If people can be educated to see the shadow-side of their nature clearly, it may be hoped that they will also learn to understand and love their fellow men better. A little less hypocrisy and a little more self-knowledge can only have good results in respect for our neighbor; for we are all too prone to transfer to our fellows the injustice and violence we inflict upon our own natures (Jung, 1966:par. 28).

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AWARENESS …what’s about this Awareness .. What’s taking to get there !? … How and what will help to develop more Awareness !? What are the Consequences if we are Missing to have this ” Awareness ” !?

C’est Quoi cette Supérieure Conscience !? De ou s’en vient !? Qu’est ce que ça prend pour la développé !? Et si on l’as pas alors quelle seront les Conséquences !? À Quoi ça nous servent de l’avoir !?

I would like your comments … Can you challenge me on … !?

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