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Full Moon Essential Oil !!!

Helichrysum essential oil: During the Scorpio New Moon—a time of rebirth and revival—it’s good to know about helichrysum essential oil, itself known for its regenerative properties. Also known as everlasting and immortelle, helichrysum is a favorite when the skin needs assistance in healing scars and wounds. Its regenerative properties may also be experienced on an emotional level, as many find that it helps to release repressed feelings while catalyzing greater self-compassion.

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Heal the Child in YOU for a Real Happy Life !!!

TOLERANCE and FORGIVNESS are always Give as A CHANCE again and Again to the Ones are READY for CORRECTION and Manifesting a Real Desire of Becoming BETTER and BETTER and really seeing and feeling the Consequances to themselves of a Continue SUFFERING from an ABUSE CHILDHOOD and an UNHAPPY CHILD who needs LOVE & HEALING !! The Solution for a HAPPY LIFE is to HEAL and PROTECT this INNER CHILD and Assure that Will NEVER MAKE HIM SUFFER again !!!! This a Process that the NOW ADULT have to go through until the CHILD INSIDE its HEAL and Acting no More in REBEL !! It is about a PRISE de CONSCIENCE of Our ACTS and a BIG DECISION to Transform all this FAKE HAPPINESS in a TRUE ONE ! Institut Anca

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Animal Totem Meanings and Symbolism !

Animal totems play huge roles in our lives. They aid in self-discovery and capture our imagination, giving us incredible avenues of self-expression and awareness.

Additionally, they assist in understanding our past, and if we are attentive, our animal totems can reveal glimpses of our future.

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Ayurveda it is One of My Highest Interest and always Reccomend to my patients and using my self a lots of Recipes !!! Ayurveda it is the key to the Healing and even in Cosmetics Practice so many uses and so efficient !!! I am working to open the door more and fr people to get more informed !!! Lots of people here in North America are very dependents on Drugs !!!! It is a need of Education , for a New Understanding of the Global Means of Healing !!!! Ayurveda it is the ” Great Medicine ” and first think people may have to look for before jumping to Drugs who are only creating other diseases !!!! Have a Great Day and very Grateful for ” meeting ” You !!! Best Regards !



I have written about gold many times. There was golden sesame in Japanese gomasio , golden honey coloured sesame oil, Ghee – the liquid gold, turmeric – a spice more precious than gold, soon I will also be writing about (real) gold in cosmetics.

The popularity of both the metal and the colour is as great and constant as fascination with the sun, the source of golden light, light and life dating back thousands of years.

So here’s another product, the name of which, golden milk, comes from the golden light of the sun and its soothing qualities.

While Ayurveda recommends drinking milk, as a holy, precious and irreplaceable food (of course we are talking about real milk from real cows, not out of a box), it does not recommend drinking it without prior preparation. In the West, the
widespread and unquestioning focus on milk as a source of protein and calcium, assisting in the prevention of…

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KEFIR Health Benefits in Fighting Cancer , Weight Loss , Better Digestion …

Kefir yogurt has a long and proud history. Humans in Russia have been making this fermented milk drink for thousands of years.

Nutritionists praise kefir benefits like its high protein content, essential calcium, and probioticproperties. And some studies have shown that kefir’s benefits may be even more impressive. The Department of Natural Sciences at the Lebanese American University reports that a recent study suggests kefir may have the power to stop some malignant cancer cells from developing.

Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir yogurt is a great choice for both weight loss and good nutrition. Research has suggested that eating three to four servings of dairy per day may help speed weight loss. Studies have also suggested that people who eat three servings of dairy a day have less belly fat. Because it is also high protein and relatively low sugar, low-fat Kefir makes a good daily source. Kefir also has probiotic properties, which makes it a great tool for supporting digestive health and function.

Kefir vs Yogurt

Kefir yogurt is not technically a yogurt, but it is similar. Kefir and yogurt are both cultured milk products, so they have comparable flavors. Yogurt does have some helpful bacteria, but kefir has markedly more probiotic power. Yogurt’s good bacteria comes and goes through the body while kefir’s healthy bacteria colonizes the intestines. This means the bacteria has a better shot at creating a healthy digestive environment. Kefir cultures are smaller than yogurt cultures, so kefir is also easier to digest. Both can support a healthy diet by providing essential dairy, but whether you love homemade kefir or you prefer store bought yogurt, choose a low fat variety if you are trying to lose weight.

Kefir’s versatility and long-proven health benefits make this ancient food an ideal source of dairy. Try it out as a base for fresh fruit smoothies, use it as a substitute for yogurt in yummy dips, or just enjoy it plain!

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Better Health and Wellness ! Using Copper , Silver and Gold Recipe to make Yourself !!!

Copper – Any type of diseases relating to the nerves, mental stress, high blood pressure, arthritis, polio and leprosy.

Silver – Diseases relating to the organs of digestion and the urinary tract.

Gold – For the functions relating to breathing, lungs, heart, and brain as a general tonic.

Take –
2 ounces of copper plate or bit and pieces or 7 to 8 copper coins.
1 or 2 ounces of pure Silver or pure Silver coins.
½ to 1 ounce of 22 carat Gold or a Gold chain or bangles.

Take 2 glasses of water and keep it to boil, while the water is boiling put the metal relating to the ailment you want to cure. All three metals can also be put into the water. Care should be taken that the metals are clean and free from dust or any sort of unnatural covering. This water should be boiled till it comes down to half. Then filter this water with a clean cotton cloth and then drink the water. The warmer the water the better.If the disease is chronic and well set in take 4 glasses of water and boil it till it comes down to 1 glass. Care should be taken that you do not take sour food items at least 1 hour before and after drinking the water.

P.S. For Information purpose only and Not To replace your Regular Treatment !!!

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
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Health Benefits of Drinking GINGER TEA !!!!

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea:

One of the main benefits of ginger tea is it helps in the digestion process. Daily intake of ginger tea can give relief from the stomach problems such as flatulence, diarrhea, stomach gas and indigestion. Shogoals and gingerols present in the ginger neutralize the stomach acids, tones the digestive tracts muscle and evoke the secretion of digestive juices. This herbal tea is very good for the intestines and the digestive systems.
Ginger tea is also a very good remedy for flu, cold, headaches and sore throat. It is also a good remedy for the migraines.

Ginger tea is a good remedy for preventing nausea and vomiting. Gingerols found in ginger is responsible for blocking the body’s reflex to vomit and also for preventing nausea by decreasing oxidative products made in the digestive tract that cause nausea to occur. Ginger tea is good for digestive tract just like the Holy Basil tea.

It is also a very good drink for healthy heart. It lowers the blood cholesterol levelsand also reduces clotting and thinning of blood. This tea is also responsible for good blood circulation. It has a good effect on circulatory system and controls the levels of high blood pressure.

It is important for Women’s Health as well. Ginger tea is helpful to reduce the menstrual cramps. It is also helpful in relaxing the muscular spasms and in relieving the pain present during ovulation and during menstrual periods. Ginger tea can give relief from nausea in cases of pregnancy. It is a good drink for the pregnant women suffering from morning sickness.

Other Top Ten Health Benefits of Ginger Tea are:

  1. It reduces heartburn
  2. It controls chronic pains.
  3. Anti-fungal properties in ginger tea treat athlete’s foot.
  4. Good for reducing dizziness.
  5. Prevents and treats inflammation.
  6. A good remedy for asthma.
  7. It combats infection.
  8. It’s a good remedy for bad breath.
  9. Ginger is a good anti-clotting herb.
  10. A good stimulator of weak appetite.

So, as we can see ginger tea is excellent for the health as it can offer you so many health benefits. But you should be aware of some the side effects of it as well.

Caution: Do not take ginger or ginger tea during pregnancy without consulting your doctor. If you have a medical history of gallstones you should consult your doctor before taking ginger tea. Ginger tea should not be taken before any kind of surgery and should be stopped at least a week prior to the day of surgery. The high amount of ginger intake can cause stomach problems as well.

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Ayurvedic Skin Care !!!


L’Ayurvéda, ou médecine ayurvédique, est une science thérapeutique sacrée très complète utilisée depuis plus de 5000 ans en Inde. C’est aussi une philosophie et un art de vivre. En langue sanskrit “ayur” signifie “vie” et “veda” signifie “science ou connaissance”. Découverte par les Rishis ou grands sages de l’Himalaya par l’observation de la nature et des 5 éléments (Eau, Terre, Feu, Air, Espace ou Ether), elle repose sur le concept des 3 doshas (Vâta, Pitta et Kapha) qui sont chacun formés de 2 éléments. Chaque individu naît avec une proportion propre de chaque dosha, souvent un ou deux doshas sont prédominants. L’objectif de l’Ayurvéda est de vivre en harmonie avec votre constitution de base, connaître ce qui vous aide à rester en bonne santé, être heureux et avoir une belle peau mais également apprendre à repérer tout ce qui vous rend malade ou malheureux. Pour veiller à l’équilibre de votre constitution, il est nécessaire de choisir des activités, des aliments ou des plantes…qui sont à l’opposé des caractéristiques de votre ou vos doshas prédominants et donc qui apaisent ce ou ces doshas qui prédominent.

Selon les principes de l’Ayurvéda, la Rose est connue pour équilibrer les trois doshas. La Rose, ou Shatapatrî en sanskrit appartient à la famille des Rosacées.
Cette fleur est considérée en Inde comme la fleur de l’Amour divin, le lotus du coeur étant une rose. Elle est connue pour ouvrir le coeur et l’esprit. Harmonisante, elle aide à équilibrer l’émotivité, notamment en cas de difficultés relationnelles et affectives, et à détendre le corps et l’esprit. Elle favorise la réflexion et la méditation et éloigne les sentiments négatifs.
Sur le plan physique, en médecine ayurvédique, la Rose de Damas, grâce à ses propriétés antiseptiques, anti-inflammatoires et antispasmodiques, aide à soulager certaines inflammations et calme les personnes nerveuses. Elle est également connue pour ses propriétés dépuratives et digestives.
Ses vertus régénérantes et tonifiantes sont appréciées des peaux sensibles et irritées mais aussi de toutes les peaux pour prévenir ou diminuer les signes de l’âge. Son odeur divine parfumera délicatement vos soins pour le visage ou les cheveux.

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
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Patchouli Essential Oil Benefits and Properties !


Avertissement : les propriétés, indications et utilisations portées à votre connaissance par ce focus sont des extraits d’ouvrages scientifiques d’auteurs reconnus ayant fait l’objet d’une sélection par notre équipe de chercheurs formée de 4 ingénieurs chimistes et d’un pharmacien.

Propriétés :

Décongestionnante, favorise la circulation veineuse

– Régénératrice des tissus, s’oppose à la putréfaction, cicatrisante

– Stimulante digestive

– Tonique (si prise à petite dose), aphrodisiaque

– Anti-inflammatoire

– Anti-infectieuse et antiseptique

– Éloigne les insectes

Indications :

– Problèmes circulatoires, hémorroïdes externes et internes, varices, cellulite, rétention d’eau

– Problèmes cutanés : acné, eczéma séborrhéique, dermatoses inflammatoires et allergiques, parasitose, mycose, impétigo

– Escarre, crevasse, rides, peaux sèches et asphyxiées, cicatrices, peaux grasses et chargées

– Infections intestinales

– Frigidité, impuissance, épuisement

Usage externe :

– Frictions localisées,

– Onctions huileuses locales et massages,

– Bain : 10 gouttes dans de la poudre de lait,

– Soins de la peau : fumigations et applications sur les irritations.

Précautions d’emploi :

Attention : cette huile est tonique lorsqu’elle est utilisée à faible dose ; elle est par contre sédative à forte dose.

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We never Have to Believe we can’t Heal !!!!!

We never Have to Believe we can’t Heal !!!!! A Believe , it is not a Reality but Dangerously can become Our Reality !!! Institut Anca

If you are serious about truly overcoming your diabetic condition, there are actually a number of all-natural herbal remedies available that possess proven curative benefits.

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
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