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521566_10152778138225077_1591203479_nMeditation and visualization techniques:-)

~It’s a visualization / meditation exercise for communicating with your subconscious mind (or your higher self, spiritual guides, a higher power, etc.)

This technique I found very helpful and really works for everyone!! I think we should all try this one time and have an open mind while doing this..

At INSTITUT ANCA–Anca Ariel Cercel I found it really helpful and I use it often before going to bed… It is to foresee and find your special room or place where you can connect with your subconscious mind where everything is imprinted and connect with your higher self… It is really effective and you can have my word for it!

Gary Z.


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KYANITE – Chakra Balancing !!!

Chakra Classification:
Placed on the 5th, or Throat Chakra, kyanite will lighten the soul and combat feelings of lack.

Kyanite has known several uses for chakra balancing. It is told that dark blue kyanite will align all chakras automatically and immediately, without even conscious direction; which will in turn activate the Kundalini energy.

It may also be used to alight the layers of the aura, specifically the astral, ethereal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers, although this may take some conscious direction.

1st, or Root/Base Chakra,

2nd, or Sacral/Navel Chakra

3rd, or Solar Plexus Chakra

4th, or Heart Chakra

5th, or Throat Chakra

6th, or Third Eye/Brow Chakra

7th, or Crown Chakra

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