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The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse 25 April 2013 !!

The Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse offers us a unique opportunity and assists us to look at what necessary changes we need to make in our lives to live in accordance with our ideals. We are being asked pertinent questions like: Are you living your life from your highest vibration? Are you making life choices from love or fear? The Scorpio full moon is the perfect time to focus on what we must let go of and release to transform our lives.

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get rid of fear and trust the universe…

As I slowly inhale, I breathe in trust, and slowly exhale fear. I breathe in trust, and bring it down into the bottom of my stomach and then alllllll the way down to my toes. As I exhale fear, I expel it from my lungs.
After I am centered, I move into my day with positive energy and a knowing that everything is going to be alright. If I feel myself start to slip back into those mopey feelings, I begin to breathe in trust all over again, until the feeling subsides.
Get rid of the fear illusions, friends. Lighten your load of worries by trusting in the benevolence of OUR UNIVERSE.

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