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Aromatherapy!! Le bien etre avec les huile essetielles… By Anca

Apprenez comment restaurer chacun des sept chakras principaux à l’aide d’huiles essentielles et comment balancer les chakras dans le style thaïlandais par un massage customisé de 60 min.

. Learn how to restore each of the 7 main chakra’s with the aid of essential oils. Learn how to balance each chakra Thai style and customize a 60 minute treatment.


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100 % Natural Aromatherapy Air Fresheners !! Breath .. Free of Chemicals and Enjoy a The Nature Fragrances as much ease your Emotional States of Mind , Soul and Any physical Condition you may have !! This Aromatherapy Blends make a Nice Gift for Yourself and the Ones you Love !! 15.00$ each ( personalized Essential Oils Blends ) !!!

It is Autumn ! Soon Winter ! Mostly of the day and night time we are more and more close to our Houses or .. Office !! So much more enjoyable is to surround yourself with a Nice Warm Fresh Natural Aromas !!! Why to choose a Chemical Air Freshener and Breathing all chemicals !? Nothing it is more important than the Air we are Inhaling !! This Natural House -Office Aromatic Blends are not only Perfuming Your Place but … More than that working in all Different States of Mind and Spirit and ease any of your physical and emotional condition !!
Such a Nice Gift to yourself or for the love ones !! 15.00$ each ! Some bring Joy, Ease Depression and Calm the Spirit when others Help you Have a Good Sleep !! All we can suffer of Winter Blues .. So This one helping you to go through this Down Emotional states of Mind and Spirit !! Are you .. Suffering from Anxiety ? Do you know that Aromatherapy is a Great Tool for ease Fears , Anxiety helping you to rise even your Concentration ? Yes .. Aromatherapy helping you a lot to go through different Physical and Emotional Condition !!! Here are Natural Solution personalized … FOR YOU !!

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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