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Communication as a Mind Skill , Culture , Education , Talents .. Limited or Unlimited !? How do You Enhance ?

Anca de CERCEL Communication ? First it is the ” Desire ” of Sharing , which it is a Very Positive Intention ! Of Course desire of sharing can also come from different ” mental shemas ” but at the base it is always a ” Desire ” of Own Expression ! Communication increase and start to enhance when ” Self Esteem ” and ” Self Value ” it is enough Strong o let one going beyond his own singularity !! Communication it is the a desire of Connecting , through Lunguage as Humans but Communication happen on different levels of Developpment and on all Realms !! It is no real dimension , only our Human Limitless see it and Ommunication in one Level which it is the one of Our 5 senses !! Once we go beyond the Basic Senses , communication start to be easy , no limits , no need of Programing !! Will come but … Some are already reached this Level !!! Mind doesn’t have Limits , only the ones Imposed by Self !!! As in everything else , they are Tools and Practice !! For social basic communication , first it is a need of Education , Culture and Opening ! Social Skills are also necessary bases for a Social Communication ! Comes on my mind a Book ” Art of Conversation ” and yes , it is an Art too ! Some are more inclined to and more talented as an Intrinsec Talent , sme Developping through practice but , of course education it will always be an Alliate !! Thank You fr your inspirational Post !!!
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