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Extraordinary Benefits for the Skin Of The SEA BUCKTHORN OIL !!!! Hand Made Bio Org Skin Care !!!

Excellent anti-oxidant, anti-radical and anti-aging because of its exceptional rate of vitamin E. Healing, stimulates repair mechanisms of the skin especially in case of burns. Calming, soothes irritated skin.
Its high vitamin A offers protection against UV light.
Prepares the skin for tanning and lengthens the duration of your tan. Great emollient, it softens and smoothes the skin.
Tired skin, lacking radiance and light
Mature skin, loss of tone
Burns, wounds, scars
Tanned skin, sun-damaged, prematurely aged
Anti-Aging restructurizers and
Oil wound healing, crevices, cracks, dermatitis
Care of burns and sunburn
Sunscreen (light)

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471


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2 Beauty Tips for a Healthy Beautiful Skin !!

Hibiscus Tea have a Lots of Healthy Benefits being a Strong Anti Oxidant ! Beside Drinking the Tea Benefits , you can also Using the Tea for making Few Ice Cubes as Lovely Hearts !! Before applying Your Daily Moisturizer , pass a Hibiscus Tea Ice Cube on Your Face !! Glow Effect Guaranty , Being the Best Toner !!

Even if you don’t know all of the hibiscus tea benefits that exist, you will still feel the full Better skin tone – Clear up blemishes and improve skin elasticity with a little hibiscus herb tea.


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