Aromatherapy & Essential Oils uses in Skin Care & Wellness Products

17 Dec

A True Aromatherapy Product will be very Costly ..but you will get many benefits from a TRUE NATURAL Aromatherapy Product .. It’s The reason we call them Holistic , as they applying to the WHOLE of the HUMAN BEING Mind & Body & Soul !


Sandalwood or Santalum album, commonly known as “Chandan” in India comes from the bark of a tropical evergreen tree native to southern Asia and India and is widely grown in states of Mysore, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It has high medicinal value and holds a significant place in ayurvedic medicine and aromatherapy. Both the bark and the oil extracted from it has been used for ages in treating various skin conditions and works as an effective natural remedy for glowing and flawless skin.

Sandalwood essential oil has several health benefits as well and research has shown that it works effectively against certain cancers like breast, prostate and cervical cancer. The first documented use of sandalwood goes back 4000 years. The most important part of the tree is the heartwood present in the roots of the trees and sandalwood essential oil is extracted from steam distillation of the heartwood.

Sandalwood Oil 120ml $700.67
Sandalwood Oil 1L $3,479.85
Sandalwood Oil 250ml $1,474.63
Sandalwood Oil 30ml $221.38 Sandalwood Oil 500ml $2,236.32


The frankincense essential oil , It’s good for rubbing on the chest and sinuses as an expectorant, putting in a nebulizer to help with sleep, rubbing between the palms and inhaling in times of anger, sadness, anxiety or grief… it seems to have the ability to dissolve negative energy, be it with mental or physical health.

This is a wonderfully healing essential oil, well tolerated by even the most sensitive of skin. Powerful Anti Aging Properties In Creams and Serums !

This is one precious oil indeed ! It’s strongly recommended for skin applications ! If I was to describe this Essential Oil in one word it would be : Pure Light !

Soothing, healing, and preserving all in one. The scent of this oil is intriguing, and its properties are very valuable in HEALING CREAMS and SALVES !

Frankincense Essential Oil

100 ml $96.25
500 ml $356.48
1000 ml $641.6

SPA Institut Anca Médecines Alternatives
Anca de Cercel N.D.MSST , Thérapeute Beauté – Bien Être
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Concept Beauté – Bien Être
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