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FLORAL WATER Beauty & Well Being !

A subtile , Delicate Blend of 100 % Natural Fragrances of the Rares and Precious Flowers of OSMANTHUS & ROSE May !

A Bridge between the Subtlest flavors of distant lands of China and the World Capital of Perfume Grasse France!

The FLORAL WATER bringing you Beauty and Well Being .. Skin and Mood Enhancer !

Face Balm SHEA BUTTER Bio Org !

100% Natural Bio Org Making exclusively of the Precious Shea Butter and the Purest Vegetable Oils From Carrots, Tomatoes Seed, Argan Bio, 100 % Natural Ingredient For Sun Protection against UV (an invention of Lab France) Essential Oils Absolute Helichrisum ITALICUM (Immortal), Rose Absolute, Absolute Jasmine!

The SHEA BUTTER one of the wonders of nature! It has been used for millennia by many generations of Africans for skin care, baby care, healing and food. The shea tree is considered sacred because of the abundance of goodness it can bring to your skin, hair, beauty and health.

What makes shea butter an extraordinary care of the skin and a healer amazing body, is its wealth of precious components, which include unsaturated fats with a high proportion of “unsaponifiables” components, essential fatty acids, phytosterols , vitamin E and D, provitamin A and allantoin. All this is natural and shea butter are a great “Food” for your skin (and hair), but it is not all it can do for you, because it is:

A Repair Wrinkles, fine lines and scars



Deeply moisturizing

Stimulate surface microcirculation

strengthening the skin

Skin Protection

Protecting against UV

skin regeneration

stimulating the production of collagen (makes more supple and young skin stronger,)

Cuts and minor burns healing

Muscle aches healing

Luxurious Skin Care & Wellness Package


SPA Institut Anca Médecines Alternatives
Anca de Cercel N.D.MSST , Thérapeute Beauté – Bien Être
Laval Quebec Canada
Roxboro West Island Qc. Canada
Concept Beauté – Bien Être
Beauty Wellness Certified Practician – Holistic Life Coach /

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Eco Friendly Bio Org Hygiene Products

New Responsible ECO Friendly , BIO Org Solutions for the Wellbeing of the Whole Family .. Grande Parents , Parents , kids !

Lots of Allergies and Skin Conditions will be prevented by the Only Use of the Marseille Soap for a Personal Hygiene and House Maintenance !

New Products ECO BIO Org for All the Family!
Shampoo Hair & Body Eco Bio manufactured from pure soap flakes Marseille Provence and Aleppo, with the addition of Essential Oils: The Wood, Mint, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender for healthy hair, stimulating growth hair!

Marseille Soap Kit – Lavender
Hair & Body Shampoo In Marseille Soap & Aleppo
$ 28.00

Please take note that all products are freshly prepared Anca Institute CUSTOM only!

Nouveaux Produits ECO BIO Org pour Tout la Famille !

Shampoing Corps & Cheveux Eco Bio fabriqué a partir des pures Paillettes de Savon Marseille de Provence et Aleppo ,avec l’ajout des Huiles Essentielles : The de Bois , Menthe , Romarin , Sauge , Lavande pour une Chevelure en Santé , stimulation de la Croissance des Cheveux !

Kit Savon Marseille – Lavande
Shampoing Corps & Cheveux Au Savon de Marseille & Aleppo
28.00 $

SVP Prendre Note que toutes les produits Institut Anca sont fraîchement préparés SUR COMMANDE seulement !

PLS take note :
All Products Institut Anca are CUSTOM prepared , only By Order !

Institut Anca Médecines Alternatives Anca Cercel N.D MSST
Holistic Beauty & Wellness Coach
1-514-996-9471 /

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