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Aromatherapy Remedies for Physical & Emotional Conditions

Anxiety ? Depression ? Aromatherapy Solutions and the use of it …

Just read yesterday about someone complaining feeling Overwhelmed .. Discouraged .. Stress and Worry !! There it’s always a Natural Solution for YOU .. And the efficacy of Essential oils are already out of Doubt …

Below are some of the most common oils used for anxiety, stress, fear and panic attacks. Some are relaxing, and help alleviate stress, while others are uplifting, and energizing.

Cedarwood – grounding
Sandalwood – grounding, calming, reduces anxiety
Jasmine (technically not an essential oil, due to the difference needed in distilling it, but the end result is the same as an essential oil) – lifts mood and eases stress Lavender – calming, aids in relaxation
Lemon – uplifting
Ylang ylang – uplifting and calming
Frankincense – calming and eases stress
Rose – uplifting and eases stress
Rosemary – relaxing and eases stress and anxiety
Bergamot – uplifting, and helps reduce stress
Geranium – calming and relaxing
Grapefruit – uplifting, eases stress, calming
Orange uplifting, reduces anxiety and stress (likely to be a skin irritant, if applied undiluted and directly) Black Pepper reduces anxiety
Patchouli – uplifting, reduces anxiety

How to Use Them

Inhale them directly from a diffuser, or rub a bit into your hands and inhale.
Another effective method is to rub a couple of drops into the bottoms of your feet and massage in.
Add a couple of drops to a carrier oil (to dilute) and then have massaged on your back. Add 8-10 drops to a warm bath.

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