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EDUC Psycho KINE Aromatherapy Vegan Creative Workshops Parents and Children 6+

For People and Planet ! 🌸💐😊🍀🍃💚

CREATOR of a NEW CONCEPT Edu Psycho Kine WORKSHOPS Parents & Children 6+
The Secret of Perfumes & Candle & Soaps making , using 100 % Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils !
In a Fun and Interactive way , parents and Children as well , will learn how to Help their children to increase Concentration , memory and school performance ! We also seeking to familiarize and teach young generations with the importance of Eco Friendly Planet use of Natural Products for their Wellbeing and Health , in respect and Love of All Nature’s gifts ! Parents and Children will learn how the use of Natural Bio Organic and Fare Trade products are healthier and mean time much more economical ! In the light of so many illnesses , allergies , among children and young people , we believe in the importance of educating parents and children about the Dangers of Chemicals present in all house hold , hygiene and cosmetics products ! Very important also , to teach our children how to choose and encourage Fair Trade Markets work and how a Global Consciousness help a lot people in this countries who are being a source of Natural Vegan Ingredients ! Our participation it’s important for their children education , giving a chance for a better life !! All Products coming from Fair Trade Markets are 100 % Pure , Natural and easy to use in a daily base by the whole family ! Let’s all get rid of a Non Conscientious Consumer Habits and learn the many benefits of Natural Vegan Products in respect and love of Animals , Humans and Planet Life ! Your children will be so proud to offer their creations to friends and family , increasing their Creativity and being valued by their own work ! The Workshop will be mean time a Fun Activity Ina Very Educative way , helping children and parents to discover many hidden talents who can help a lot in their future professional orientation ! For Schedule an Workshop PLS email Institut Anca

SPA Institut ANCA – Institut A.Vogel Remèdes Phyto – Apothicaire – Pharmacie – Parfumerie Naturelle , Cosmétiques Bio Anca de Cercel N.D.Holistic Beauté – Bien Être , MSST
Laval Quebec Canada
Roxboro 5 B Rue du Centre Commercial Et 1 Bureau 1
Concept Beauté – Bien Être Holistique Coach
Beauty Wellness Certified Practician – Holistic Life Coach /

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