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What really the skin need in winter time ? What really we need to preserve a Beautiful and Healthy Skin in All Seasons even ?

Hello to YOU and .. YOU and YOU !!
I was just reading an Article taking about Winter Beauty Tips and pushing me to reply as again seeing ” Errors ” and would like people to Learn and Understand what REALLY the SKIN NEEDS to treat , protect and preserve it the Beauty and Health !! Anatomically talking the Skin doesn’t have any Benefit from ” Petroleum Jelly ” which was mention in the article !! Petroleum Jelly ( one of the Vaseline component ) have No Nourishing Effect on the skin and no treating a Dry or any kind of skin !! In contrary Blocking the Pores !!! It’s unbelievable to see a Publisher talking about ” Petroleum ” as a Panacea for Treating the skin in Winter Time !!!! My Response to you and the publisher :

Hello !! Nice article .. Except the mention of ” Petroleum Jelly ” ??? !!!!!! Already sound a bit ” aggressive ” in my ears !! Winter time yes , the skin needs a particular attention and particular Rich and Healthy food and cosmetics !! When saying HEALTHY , it’s treating the Whole Body , from inside to outside with NATURAL Ingredients and Skin Care Products !! If we talk About skin Anatomy , then to protect , nourish and treat the skin it’s only by purest Vegetables Oils and Natural Butters !!! All cosmetics formulations with ” Petroleum ” ” Silicons and other chemicals ingredients are not doing any improvement to the skin condition , in contrary having no nourishing effect on !! Why someone will choose ” Petroleum ” .. Vaseline in stead of choosing Shea Butter , Cacao Butter , blends of Natural Vegetables Oils as Argan , Figue de Barbarie , coco nut in their purest form !?!? Even in case of an Oily Skin people must know and learn that not because we talk ” OIL ” it’s mean cant be use on oily skins !!! All depends on oils and butters as a lots of them can be use it ( and nt only use it but even treating specifically skin problems ) !! All Vitamines , Nutriments a skin needs are all created by the Nature , in a perfect cocktail of Vitamines and only presents in all different Veg Oils and Butters !! That’s the Real Food a Skin need in any season but more particularly in winter time !!

This Salves and Ointments Are the Best Skin Treatments ,( a blend of Vegetables Butters and rare Oils , avocado , Argan , carrottes , ) Shea Butter , Cacao Butter ) full of Vitamines and nutriments , especially in Winter time but not excluding summer time !!!

Thank you fr your inspirational Article ! Anca De Cercel N.D. Holistic Esthetician , MSST

SPA Institut ANCA
Anca de Cercel N.D.Holistic Esthéticienne , MSST
Laval Quebec Canada
Concept Beauté Bien Être
Beauty Wellness Counselor /

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