Adopting Natural Solutions in Skin Care become more and more a New Consciousness in the Beauty World !

02 Dec

For Getting rid of Blackheads on the Face , many Natural Solutions are open to you , safe for the environment and Healthy Choices for Self ! Remember , your skin it’s as a Sponge absorbing all what we apply and going direct in the blood stream

Hello everyone !
Being a Naturopath and Holistic Esthetician I only use Natural Ingredients ! As for Facial , the treatment starting always by Ozone Aromatherapy Steamer after applying a Mask Scrub !! The Mask – Scrub its always 100 % Natural Rhassoul , Rice Flour , Clays with a Blend of Synergies Aromatherapy Essential Oils , working on deeply clean the dead skin as well facilitating the extraction of black heads !! As you know Essentials Oils are very powerful and in Aromatherapy are many ways of using in synergie , depending on skin type and specific skin problems !! Personally I am freshly make my recipes but are more and more also Professional Cosmetic Lines based on Aromatherapy Principles ! Lots of European Prof Cosmetics Lines offers already made solutions to apply on skin in order to performe a good cleaning and facilitate extraction of black heads !! Essential Oils are also having a powerful Anti Bacterian , Anti Germs benefices and can be used ( as Aromatherapy its part of my Training and Practice ) very efficiently on All Skin Types and all Skin Care Treatments !!! In Europe and even Canada more and more Estheticians , Spa and Instituts adopting Natural Bio Org Solutions and approaches !! People care more and mre for Environment and Healthy Natural Solutions are a more and more adopted in all life departments as well being concerned by Fair Trade Market Products in Beauty , Food and end even in Cleaning House Natural Solutions !! We are constantly aggressed by Chimique from every where and Skin it’s as a Sponge so , starting to be aware of what we apply on the skin and even Hair and Deo , in fact everything we are using on us and around , I think become a Must and a New Consciousness as the conventional esthetic approaches start to be leaved by the back ! Have a Great Week Ahead all of You !

Anca de Cercel N.D. – Esthéticienne -SPA Thérapeute – MSST
Concept Beauté – Bien Être
Institut ANCA

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