03 Oct


So what is the difference between a standard massage and a holistic treatment?

A holistic approach treats the body as a whole so the practitioner takes into account your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as well as the physical body. It is hence a person-centred approach. The therapist massages the person, not just the body, working “with” you rather than doing it “to” you. We treat the person and not the condition.

A holistic treatment is specifically tailored to you, to your unique needs, physical characteristics and personality.

Massage in essence is about sensitive communication through the medium of touch. When the therapist touches your body, they are literally in touch with your feelings and in touch with not only who you are now but also with all your personal history to that moment.

Holistic massage is based on the principles of sensitivity, awareness, knowledge and professionalism.

For a holistic practitioner a massage can never be a set routine of techniques.

Some of the benefits of a Holistic Massage treatment are:

❁ a sensitive, developed practitioner who instils trust and puts you at ease

❁ an individual treatment appropriate to your personal, physical and emotional history/journey

❁ physical improvements such as relaxing tight muscles, improvements to circulation, nervous function and joint mobility…

❁ reduction of stress

❁ it provides a caring non-intrusive touch that can soothe the busy mind and enhance self-esteem

❁ at a deeper level still, massage can release the personal history stored in body tissues, which can lead to changes in our energy and provide a vital ingredient in each person’s process of growth

Anca de Cercel N.D.
Institut ANCA

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