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WEEL BEING and SELF Behavior !!!

Connect , invest Time in your relationships !
Keep Active Mind & Body !
Be curious … And always keep learning and discovering new ways , new ideas , new things ! GIve … do something nice for someone !

Anca de Cercel N.D.
Institut ANCA


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Environmental Factors influencing the WELL BEING !

Your Well-Being …

It is imperative to your well-being that you give yourself immediate permission to walk away from anything that is hurting you.

This goes for people, places, jobs, and especially our own behaviors.

No one else can take us out of negativity. We have to do it ourselves, for our own well-being. Then, we can start filling that space with things that give us positive energy. That’s when we see miraculous change in our lives.

Anca de Cercel N.D.Institut ANCA

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Posted by on September 26, 2013 in Holistic Therapies

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