Watch your Thoughts .. Clean your way of Negativity .. Heal your Scars of Today and Past !

06 Sep

All your body cells keep encrypt in their memory all your thoughts , events even happen in your gestation time !! Of course the One you are today , you may say wonder how Can I change all it’s already there from the past ?! Yes .. It can be erased from the memory and yes .. You can turn the page as the Adult you are today , taking the responsibility and decided to Heal all the Past Memories , to heal the Child in yourself , to become a New YOU , in fact to become the REAL YOU .. To discover the Real You and to Commit and to Wanted to change and transform all the Insecurity coming from BELIEVES !!! From where are coming this believes .. Who created , where and when generated ?! All Negatives Believes are NOT YOU .. All Negatives Thoughts are generated by this Believes originated in Time of gestation , childhood .. All from Others ! Decide today to take your place , decide to Believe and open to the infinite Wisdom and Infinite possibilities are Here and Now for YOU !!! Anxiety , Fears , Insecurity and Depression are All Negatives Forces attacking and Blocking your Evolution in many ways !! Keep an Open Mind and Give to your Soul , Spirit , Mind the opportunity to SEE the Beauty around you and in everything surround you !! Keep Always a Positive Attitude and Never discourage .. Remember .. All in Universe it’s about CHANGE .. So follow the CHANGE .. Become One with the Change and the Movement around !!! Work on your METAMORPHOSIS .. And come to a visit to a METAMORPHOSIS Session to discover and Heal all the Past Negativity !!!
I WELCOME YOU and never attached to your discovery , or influence in any way your Healing !! YOU will do it !! Anca Cercel N.D.
Institut Anca

Anca de Cercel N.D.
Institut ANCA

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Posted by on September 6, 2013 in Holistic Therapies


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