Why to make a Conscious Choice of any Beauty Wellness Product ? What’s Make a Difference ?

05 Sep

Do you know why all Natral Products Beauty Well Being are so powerful , so effective , so generating Beauty and Well Being even able to bring you Happiness ?

People need to know , feel, and make a conscious choice! What is very special for those who already feel the energy already in perfect agreement with the energy? I’ll unveil the SECRET ! These are all ingredients that are used to make these fabulous natural creations! All ingredients are responsable , are carry on , the specific energy of plants and flowers of the earth countries where they grow in the wild or cultivated ! Imagine a flower that grows in Morocco and one from the land of Italy, Spain , Thailand .. All essential oils are the Heart and Soul and it is their Heart that is in a Natural Product not change industrially ! This why Natural Products becomes a source of a powerful energy ! The Natural Nut Butters produces of African trees , infusions of flowers , heart bamboo … a history of the earth, the energy of the ocean in a pearl powder , seaweed , clay of the Earth around the world … while it becomes a more powerful energy composition and not the last the largest , handmade by the hands with an energy of love and healing , made by loving hands , Conscious of the nature,becoming ONE with the loving nature … With the awareness to protect and preserve all the gifts of Mother Earth ! Imagine the whole energy of the Sun and the Moon accumulated in plants , flowers and trees ! ! This is why every product made by hand with natural ingredients are so precious ! All this energy and precious qualities are completely destroyed by a chemical process, all over the counter products are only poor imitations with no real effect on the beauty and well -being! What kind of energy do you think are sharing? The energy of a technological chemical transformation process ? ! Since when the machines are carrying the love? This is the EARTH ENERGY and SEA ENERGY of the SUN & MOON transmitted by the Heart of plants and bring you home by Hands Magnet … This is the POWER that comes from the Heart of plants and flowers that makes a Natural Products , a Real Source of HEALING and LOVING ENERGY !!

Anca de Cercel N.D.Institut ANCA

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Posted by on September 5, 2013 in Holistic Therapies


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