LEMON BALM Benefits ..

04 Aug

Lemon Balm is a wonderful herb to grow, it loves to live in containers or the ground. I have used Lemon Balm for many years in making summer sun tea’s, flavoring fruit salads, and adding to sugar syrups for summer coctails. However, I especially like to use lemon balm for children’s herbals. Lemon balm can calm the nerves, brighten the spirits and bring brightness back to a sluggish child.

It is also used in calming the child with ADHD or any other nervious issues.

Calming Lemon Balm Tea for Children

1 ounce lemon balm leaves

2/3 ounce chamomile

2/3 ounce St John’s Wort

1/2 ounce passionflower

Mix this all together. Use 1 teaspoon of the mix to 1 cup of boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes and drink before bed. This will induce a nice sleep. This will help reduce nightmares and nightterrors.

For Childrens Tummy aches

1 ounce lemon balm

1 ounce peppermint

1/2 ounce fennel (seeds or root)

Mix well, Use 1 teaspoon full of mix to 1 cup boiling water, let steep for 5 minutes and drink when stomach is upset.

Anca de Cercel N.D.Institut ANCA

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