How Emotionally Affected we get by Others Reactions !?

25 May

Bessie dear I am Really Happy for you !!! If you dont mind , I would like you to ask yourself a Question !! What’s the Degree of Indifference I am Feeling toward one person ? It’s really True that I do not care for One what’s Doing or the way it’s Acting ? If your response it’s YES I do not really Care than ” Don’t Care ” can really Affect Me Emotionally !!! The problem it’s as I see it .. That Person ” AFFECT YOU EMOTIONALLY ” so in this moment when you Acknowledge that You are Disturbed by what it’s Doing or Nt Doing .. Then meaning YOU ARE NOT IN A STRONG POSITION but in a WEACK ONE !!! They will be and they are a lots of people rude , not polite .. Bad behavior and if we are acting in the same way as them then let me tell you , we are not far from them !!! Mean Time if we BLOCK ONE it’s because we missing the Capacity to Face it and as any FEAR will never Heal as long we are Not Facing the Object of Our Fear !!! Its Still a Fear as we are facing Our EMOTIONS and we don’t wanted letting them coming up so .. We just keeping Ina Comfort Zone of what it’s only Convenient for us !!! This is nothing so special to love the good ones and the ones are polite !! The question to ask yourself it is going beyond what you see it with the eyes and thinking how come this person acting bad even see it good examples and being Treat it well !?!? When you say I do not Care , both sides are to question yourself !!! One it’s a Lack of Compassion and the other side it’s about Ourself Emotionally side we are not able to Control !! If every time we are to face all kind of situations or people not in our standards and .. We become emotionally disturbed then the only person affected its The SELF !!! Then again we didn’t reach the stage of ” Indifference ” as You tend to think !!!! A Buddha Wise saying it’s ” If someone want to offer you a Gift and You Refuse it … To who Belong that Gift ? ” Remember that !!!!

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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