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The Hidden Evolution .. When you start to ” FEEL ” Spirituality and Not to ” THINK ” !!!

Hidden Evolution Kabbalah

Q: Is it true that Kabbalists can change everything in a person’s life?

A: It is true that Kabbalists can do anything, but they don’t. It is not their job to do things instead of us. A person encounters all sorts of difficulties in life: shortage, disease and loss, all in order to develop, and use them to make contact with the spiritual world. If a Kabbalist cancels the difficulty that one is given, he disrupts that person’s evolution toward the Upper World.

It is not a good idea to do good for a person before you understand what is actually good for him. It is like giving a child everything he asks for without committing him to anything: you simply ruin him that way.

That is our nature: the fact that things appear ‘good’ to us is a result of our limited vision, whereas those things are rarely the absolute good.

Q: What is the absolute good?

A: We have only one desire: to feel good, regardless of whether we obtain that good feeling through a better job, a new car, a mate, or successful children. Behind all those changes is the search for satisfaction. We try to attain what appears to bring us that sensation, and regard anything that helps us feel satisfied and good.

When we begin to feel spirituality, it changes our scale of values. We begin to see which are more important and which are less so. We begin to weigh our lives not just according to what we see and know in this life, things that our physical bodies see right now, but also feel ours past and future lives. This way, we begin to see what favors us, and what does not.

Then, we naturally change the evaluation of our environment; we no longer want what we did before: a different job, a different car, or a different mate, but seek something different altogether.

We change in accordance with our ascent in the spiritual world, and begin to understand what is good for us. It is the same as in our world: when a child, we want a toy car. When we grow up, we want a real car.

Our desires change as we grow in spirituality; we want something different from what we wanted when we first came to this world. The earlier objects of our desire seem like toys now compared to the real things that we begin to seek. It is that search that finally leads us to the absolute good.

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