Carl Gustav Jung !

07 Apr

Carl Gustav Jung (/ˈjʊŋ/ yuung; German: [ˈkarl ˈɡʊstaf ˈjʊŋ]; 26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. Jung proposed and developed the concepts of the extraverted and the introverted personality,archetypes, and the collective unconscious. His work has been influential in psychiatry and in the study of religion, literature, and related fields.

The central concept of analytical psychology is individuation – the psychological process of integrating the opposites, including the conscious with the unconscious, while still maintaining their relative autonomy.[1] Jung considered individuation to be the central process of human development.[2]

Jung created some of the best known psychological concepts, including the archetype, thecollective unconscious, the complex, and synchronicity. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), a popular psychometric instrument, has been developed from Jung’s theories.

Jung saw the human psyche as “by nature religious”,[3] and made this religiousness the focus of his explorations.[4] Jung is one of the best known contemporary contributors todream analysis and symbolization.

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