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Therapeutic Bath and is Multiple Benefits !!

For Your Bath to Become really Therapeutic the use of pure Essential Oils by the Aromatic Specifity of Each Essential Oils , will respond to many different conditions , as much Phisicaly as the Psychologically effects , treating the Body in all its Dimension !!! Each Essential Oil having its own Specificity and even more potential Benefits by Synergic Blends !!! As We Know Aromatherapy having multiple Health Benefits and again as I am Always Mention it is not about a Fragrance that you may Like but a Specific Essential Oil depending on The Therapeutic Effect we may look for !!! Mean time I do not want to forget to mention the Benefits of Argiles as RHaSSOUL for its Detoxifiant Effects and of Corse Salts as Sea Salt and Epsom Salt !!! Enjoy a Bath and you will really Feel the Multiples Benefits , Phisicaly , Emotionally and of Course as a Great Time dedicated to YOURSELF !!! A LOVE RITUEL !! ❤❤❤
Therapeutic baths are a simple, inexpensive and effective way to keep the body and spirit in top form. An enjoyable and potent therapy, restorative baths are an excellent addition to any healing protocol.

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