Why it is not good to talk About ” Evil ” !!!

13 Mar

A Principle that may be help you understand … WHY we Not Have to Talk About ” EVIL ” !!

Already smoking it is not such a Healthy Act but … But by saying that you add a New Negative Energy so …. Remember all depends on your Believe and your Thoughts !! You may be able to transfrm Smething Negative by thinking Positive about !!! If you believe it is Really Not Good For You Then it is very Sure … That will become even more Harmfull !!!! Treating with Indiference and not Accentuate on the Bad Effects which you THINK about … may … stop to ATTACK YOU or being your ABUSER , ENNEMY !!! Everything comes in right time and space without Forcing !!! Sometimes may not come the Way we are Thinking bt ACCEPTANCE and Believe it is the best happen for our evolution !!! Nothing can be achieve by CONTROL and ever AGAINST !!!! Patience and not Aloud so Much Power to Something Negative .. Then it may leave you when … You are not thinking any more about !! Same principle apply to Serious Illnesses !! The more we Talk about .. The More Powerful become !!!! As the Evil .. Talk About and then will respond to you !! LOL !!! :)❤ Do You agree !? And if Not WHY !?

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