Unconscious Mind and Bad Habits !!

13 Mar

The More ” Power ” you give to Something Negative , the Mre Become Negative !! Talking about Thoughts , Emotions and Feelings then we may have to look and Heal all coming with !! Feelings of ” Gultyness ” , feeling of being ” Wrong ” and Different transforming in a Constant FIGHT which goes 2 Ways !! Fighting Self and Fighting the Bad Habit !!! It is not By Going AGAINST that a Bad Habit will be eliminate it !! It is not By Saying Every day ” I have a Bad Habit ” and going in A Process of Fight !! Even more , the person will also Start to don’t LOVE The Self !!! A Bad Habit can’t be transformed in ” Conscious ” but working with the ” Unconscious ” !!! This is Why the best results are by HYPNOSIS Approaches !!!! Mean time it is also a Society Phenomen that Tend always to Point Out So Much what before was not considerated a ” Bad Habit ” !!! The more Interdictions you will impose to a Child , the More Resistance you will get !!! Every one HUMAN UNCONSCIOUS have the Age of a 5 Years Old Child !!!

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Anca Cercel N.D.
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