The Secret ,Kabbalah , Awakening and Comparative Analyze Testimonial !!! Love & Light !!

13 Mar

Hello Friend !! Thank you for passing by my blog and Trully loving your !! Such a True Testimonial , which can be a great Support for others facing the sorrow of the pasts experiences !!! You are Lucky .. You are loved by God by being part of the Awekening Process touching many people this year , many but not All of them !!! It is A New Stage of A New Consciousness and we can see the ones ready to Face it and being influenced by the New Energy !! This year many people are feeling the influence of this Very Powerful Energy !! Unfortunatelly some are not enough strong to take it and transform it in their benefit !! The Energy of 2013 it is Great for Some ( the ones touched by an Angel ) and can be SOO .. Destructive , so Disturbing for some others !!!! You feel it and unconsciously choose all Ressources and the Univers work in a Perfect Synchronicity with You !!! Talking about the Secret , it is Great for a Primary Source of Help but … We may have to be careful when advancing the Ideea of the Powerful Mind Only !!!! It is true but working only when the Univers ( God ) work in a synergic way with the one Choosed to be Part of The Awakening Stage !!! Kabbalah will may help you more to understand that .. When you only relay on Your Mind then it is about Our Ego talking !!! From my Life experience and as a Holistic Therapist , I am telling you that yes , you are able to help yourself but … Only because the Universe Helping always the Ones are Helping Themselves !! Nothing it is only on our Power !!! Many Blessings to you and be Grateful for the Gift you Got !!! I will also refer to you a Book ” The Way ” by Michael Berg !!! 🙂 Kabbalah will give to you more answers , more deep and more far concerning our Existence as Conscious Human Beings !! Kabbalah it is the Most Complete Life Science , Philosophy and any Concept you may read about having the roots in The Kabbalah Wisdom !! I will also Reccomend to you ” The Seat of The Soul ” by Gary Zukav !!! Love & Light My Friend !!!

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Anca Cercel N.D.
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