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Few of the Natural Ways on how To Keep a Strong Immunity !!

Natural ways to strengthen the immune system include: 1. Keep blood levels of Vitamin D between 50-70 ng/ml.

2. Avoid sugar, especially while sick as it weakens the immune system.

3. Sleep as much as possible.

4. Manage stress levels with prayer, meditation, yoga, bubble baths, or anything else that works!

5. Exercise.

6. Take Omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Wash hands frequently, but avoid antibacterial products

. 8. Avoid hospitals.

I would also add anything that is not processed or altered chemically!

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Don’t Judge by Appearances !!!

Hahahahahaha .. And LOL !!! My Therapist Oppinion it’s … You are not far from a Reality but your reality it is very Subjective and related to your own experiences and circles !!! Mean time .. Having the intuition as a Guide , I am detecting a very wise man who is ” Testing ” around fr more knowledge concerning the ” Eternal Feminine Secret ” !!! Let me tell you .. You got it the best Way to find out more about this so controversial but mean time so in Balance of the Universal Truth Ying & Yang !!! Either ways .. One can’t exist without the other so … All by the end become Compatible !!!! LOL !! Great Way to show against and mean time attracting so much Actions and Oppinions and let’s say … Smiles and sympathies !! Well you Got it to know more !! My … Admiration !! LOL !! Ohhh .. Thank you for visiting my blog !!! My pleasure to let you discover more !!! You can also Question in case of Doubts .. You always get an Answer but the answer … Will be very based on Evidences and Not in Suppositions !! take care My Friend !! You got a Bunch of Women who are not afraid to Assume it !!! LOL !!! You are Very Courageous !!!

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Wearing Masks !

Thinking I got it !! Lol !! You go in the opposite side of the majority so … You are Original !!! Great !! Love it !!! Original People and True People are not afraid to say it … And not concerned what others think .. Simply because are Not Like Others and do not wish to be part of Majority !!! it is not an Easy Job !!! Love to have a Friend Like you who ” n’as pas la langue dans as poche ” ou ” Qui n’as pas froid aux yeux ” !!!!!!

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