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What is Ayurvedic Medicine !? Few Recipes will follow !!

Ayurveda, the ancient system of holistic healing from India, is justly enjoying a widespread resurgence in popularity today. Savvy, health-conscious individuals all over the world are taking more responsibility for their own health and well-being. The old adage prevention is better than cure makes increasingly more sense in a time when health-care is exorbitant and fraught with risks such as dangerous side effects of drugs that often lead to more problems instead of treating the illness they were taken to address. In a world that offers more choices than ever before, more and more individuals are exploring alternative health systems such as Ayurveda to help them lead a healthy lifestyle and stop disease before it ever has a chance to take root in the physiology.

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Are You Listening to ME !? … NOP !!!! So much Wisdom this Cats !!! Listen to them … They are Great Teachers !! :)

So much …. Wisdom This Cats !!!! LOL !!! They really teach us very good things !!! Pay Attention to them !!!!
When you try to correct someone who is not open to correction, the person is likely to say that you don’t understand him. He’ll claim that he is the righteous one and you are the fool!

For your words to be effective, the person needs to be open to hearing your corrections. This means it’s best to avoid correcting someone who is certain to quarrel with what you said. And it also means looking inward into the reasons why your approach is unsuccessful

(see Vilna Gaon – Proverbs 10:18; Rabbi Pliskin – “Consulting the Wise”)

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Change coming through Patience …. You will not ever see it when comes ! The many Faces of the Moon …. Will be revealed in your Dreams !!

You need to have patience and read between the lines, because things are not what they seem.

‘Deep inside you will know
Change has come, though it won’t show’

Find your way, however hard it seems, and try to tap into your intuition rather than your imagination, because they are different.

Tarot Card XVIII The Moon Artist- David Pallidini

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True beauty lies within

A person’s true beauty resides within them. However, it shines through to the world in their eyes, their smile, their gestures, humanity and their goodwill towards other people, their social attitude and the world around them. Try walking around and saying “Hello or Good Morning” to everyone you meet for just one morning. Watch those that acknowledge you and smile or just nod. Not only do they smile but their eyes light up:-)

Gary Z.


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