Sorry I have to Disagree in Part with this Sayings only because Are The Reflection of EGO More then a Deep Spiritual Introspection !!!

11 Feb

Yes Forgivness it is the Gratest Act of Kindness or Self and Others but WHO SAID ” Doesn’t mean they Have to pay , or not to pay for the Rest f Their Life ” !? Who can Pretend with Such a Certitude What The Soul Destiny and Purpose is !?!? Maybe they Have to Pay For Or Not to , but Souls Have their Unique Destiny and Journey and No One Can Say , what and Why have to Or Not to go Through !!!!! This Post is in a Very , simplistic way of See it and to talk about a Soul Needs !!!!! Thanks for Making me think More Gary Zourikian and for Your Inspirational Sharing !!!!!

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