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Small … But Giants if Unity in Love & Peace ! yes WE CAN influence CHANGE !!!

Yes we are Very Small compare to the Universe and Only The Unity and Fraternity between humans make them Powerfully Influents !!! unity in Love & Peace !! Unfortunatelly the Humans kills their Brothers and Kills the Planet , their Mother Earth !!!

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Are Clarins Cosmetics Best Friends of Your Skin !? Yes will may be very Safe and Interesting to get Over Appearances and Advertising

Toxins & Peanut Products in Clarins Cosmetics Causing ‘Pandemic,’ According to the National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Is your life worth a scent?

“breaking the rules of traditional olfactory territory”

Perfumes and other cosmetics may make you smell good and look good, but they have the potential of making you seriously ill or worse – killing you.

Consumers shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry in order to use the products produced by cosmetic companies, but it would help.

Polyacrylic acid. Methyl paraben. Dipropropylene glycol. Sodium benzoate. Ethyl paraben. Propyl paraben. Eugenol. d-Limonene. alpha Pinene. 3-carene. alpha Guarene. Diethyl Phthalate. Azulene.

These are a few of the chemicals that are commonly found in some cosmetics and fragrances.

And then there is the peanut (Botanical name Arachis Hypogaea). According to a 2002 survey by The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN), one out of every 125 children in the United States (more than 600,000) is allergic to peanuts.

Yet hydrogenated peanut oil is one of the three main other ingredients in a sunscreen product commonly applied to children by caring parents who are unaware of the potential hazard – Ultra Protection Sun Control Stick, manufactured by the cosmetic giant Clarins Paris.

Clarins does not put a warning label on this product and if you purchase it you are putting your health and the health of your children at risk, says John Sheppard.

Sheppard is the director of the United Kingdom’s branch of the National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation (NTEF), which is based in Las Vegas.

According to the NTEF, Clarins is not only the biggest cosmetics corporation in the world, but also the biggest culprit in deceptive labeling.

“We have been researching the mislabeling that is rampant in most of their cosmetics and specifically in their best selling fragrance, Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler,” says Sheppard.

Sheppard also cited the use of peanut oil in Clarins’ Extra Comfort Toning Lotion and its Aromatic Plant Purifying Mask.

Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFD&C Act), all packaged foods that are labeled on or after January 1, 2006, must comply with FALCPA’s food allergen labeling requirements. One of these listed allergens is peanuts. “Who would have suspected that cosmetics now need food labeling as well?” asks Sheppard. “Clarins also claims that these products are allergy tested, but what allergy is tested?

“The science is horrifying,” Sheppard said. “A preponderance of the ingredients have never been tested for safety or their toxicological effects. The reason we are targeting Clarins is that we can speak with confidence on the ingredients, inadequate and invalid testing of Angel Perfume, along with the other discrepancies we are finding in their other products.”

As one of Clarins’ most popular products, Angel Perfume, for example, has the potential to cause damage to mucous membranes, irritation to eyes, nose and throat and damage to the brain, liver and kidneys and possibly lung and skin damage, said nationally recognized toxicologist Dr. Richard Lipsey, from Jacksonville, FL.

One of the over a dozen chemicals in Angel Perfume is Benzophenone-2, which Dr. Lipsey says is used as a pesticide, known to attack the endocrine and reproduction systems, liver, kidneys, possible renal tubule adenoma and is a carcinogen.

According to Dr. Lipsey, the perfume contains many other chemicals which are regulated by OSHA and the EPA and require special handling. Among them are Diethyl Phthalate, which attacks the brain, lungs and can cause peripheral neuropathy, and Azulene, which attacks the eyes, lungs, skin, destroys DNA and attacks the immune system.

In a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) released by Clarins on June 5, 2006 – part of a court document – the company admitted that Angel Perfume contained a “presence of significant amounts of ingredients classified as Dangerous according to the EEC (European Economic Commission),” a fact confirmed by independent laboratory analysis and studies.

Clarins Paris claims most of its cosmetic products are made with plant extracts, and some are alcohol free and allergy tested. In reality, their disclosed ingredients discredit the claims on their labels.

Products such as their Extra Comfort Toning Lotion are touted as being “alcohol free with plant extracts, allergy tested and especially formulated for dry and sensitized skin.”

However, their label cites the following alcohols: phenoxyenthanol, panthenol, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol and anise alcohol.

Sheppard says the label is contradictory. “If this product is designed for sensitized skin why incorporate ingredients that carry warnings of skin irritants?”

The label revealed that among the potentially hazardous chemicals in their Extra Comfort Toning Lotion are polyacrylic acid, methyl paraben (paraben sensitization may occur when substance is applied to damaged or broken skin), dipropropylene glycol, sodium benzoate, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, eugenol (may cause skin sensitization, upon re-exposure).

“Parabens have the potential for breast cancer and potential endocrine disruptors, raising concern for impaired fertility/development and increased risks for certain cancers,” according to the report from the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) site Skin Deep. The site lists cosmetics and fragrances along with their ingredients whenever possible. The consumer normally is given the list of ingredients, but the health implications are missing. Skin Deep groups the chemicals into classifications such as hazards (kidney, liver, skin or sense organs), irritants, reproductive or developmental harm, toxic to cite a few.

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Sorry I have to Disagree in Part with this Sayings only because Are The Reflection of EGO More then a Deep Spiritual Introspection !!!

Yes Forgivness it is the Gratest Act of Kindness or Self and Others but WHO SAID ” Doesn’t mean they Have to pay , or not to pay for the Rest f Their Life ” !? Who can Pretend with Such a Certitude What The Soul Destiny and Purpose is !?!? Maybe they Have to Pay For Or Not to , but Souls Have their Unique Destiny and Journey and No One Can Say , what and Why have to Or Not to go Through !!!!! This Post is in a Very , simplistic way of See it and to talk about a Soul Needs !!!!! Thanks for Making me think More Gary Zourikian and for Your Inspirational Sharing !!!!!

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My Feedback To a Post Materialist Blogger !!! So Happy to Discover People Concerned about Humanity Destiny !!!

So Happy to read from people with à High Consciousness about Real Values !!! As I see it lots of People inclines to ” Think ” more then by what it is “See ” it and getting In a Higher Scale of Consciousness are the ones also coming from a Rich in Values Background !!! our Society work a lot against all this Called ” Old Values ” and tending to erase all about as being insignifiants for New Generations !!! In this term we all know that Traditions , Real Culture , Literature , Believes , Art , Philosophy , etc are less and less part of Children School education ! All what it is related to Soul and Consciousness are looking even Ridicoulous for Some and not so many taking the time and having interest to ” THINK ” outside the Box !!! Once you start to be AWARE and Pay Attention to people reactions and people behavior , we are becoming very Dissapointed !! As a Holistic Therapist I am CONSTANTELLY Working in this direction !!! Very Hard in North America to Rise the Consciousness of People more then Materialistic Side and over all what can be see it in a Constant Media Advertising !!! It is a lot to say about and fr me coming from Europe , I have more and more hard Time to deal with Ignorance , Selfisness , No Interest in Nothing else than primary necessity , Money Possesion Values , No Passions and not even a desire or curiosity to learn more !!! Peole pretending No time for Reading !! I have a Group and Professional Pages in FB !!! The Group it is Living with Passion & Awareness , being my orientation and having he Purpose of Teaching and Sharing all about Real Values , outside of Materialistic Concernings !!! OMG , very Hard to get a Comment or to really see it interest !!!! I still do my Mission and continue my Purpose but sometimes it is Hard to Talk alone !!!!!
Thank You For Visiting my Blog and Very Happy to see people with Same Concernings and Having at Heart Humanity Destiny !!!!

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Les Miracles et Bienfaits pour La Santé du Citron Congelé !!

Le citron congelé : incroyable.

À vous d’en déterminer l’efficacité !

De nombreux professionnels de restaurants et brasseries utilisent

ou consomment le citron entier et rien n’est gaspillé.

Comment pouvez-vous utiliser le citron entier sans pertes ?

C’est simple… placer le citron dans le congélateur. Une fois que le

citron est congelé, utiliser votre râpe et râper le citron entier

(pas besoin de l’éplucher) et le saupoudrer sur le dessus de vos aliments.

Saupoudrez-le sur votre whisky, salades, crème glacée, soupe, nouilles,

sauce à spaghetti, riz, sushi, plats de poisson, etc. Le goût de tous les

aliments sera rehaussé de façon inattendue.

Très probablement, vous ne pensez au citron

que pour sa vitamine C. Pas plus.

Quel est l’avantage majeur de l’utilisation du citron entier autre que

pour prévenir les déchets et ajouter un nouveau goût à vos plats ?

Eh bien, les zestes de citron contiennent jusqu’à 5 à 10 fois

plus de vitamines que le jus de citron lui-même.

Et oui, c’est ce que vous auriez gaspillé.

Mais à partir de maintenant, en suivant cette procédure simple de

congeler le citron en entier, puis le râper sur le dessus de vos plats,

vous pouvez consommer tous ses nutriments.

Il est également bon à savoir que les zestes de citron sont régénérateurs

de santé dans l’éradication des éléments toxiques dans le corps.

Donc, placez votre citron dans votre congélateur, puis râpez-le sur votre

repas à tous les jours. C’est un élément clé pour rendre vos aliments

plus savoureux qui vous aidera à vivre plus sainement et plus longtemps !

C’est le secret de citron ! Mieux vaut tard que jamais !

Le citron est un produit miraculeux pour tuer les cellules cancéreuses.

Il est 10,000 fois plus puissant que la chimiothérapie.

Pourquoi ne sommes-nous pas au courant de cela ?

Parce qu’il existe des laboratoires intéressés à faire une version synthétique

qui leur apportera d’énormes profits.

Vous pouvez désormais aider un ami dans le besoin en lui laissant,

savoir que le jus de citron et le citron lui-même tel qu’expliqué

ci-dessus, est bénéfique dans la prévention de la maladie.

Son goût est agréable et il ne produit pas les effets horribles de la chimiothérapie.

Combien de personnes vont mourir alors que ce secret bien gardé est

maintenu, afin de ne pas compromettre les multimillionnaires bénéfiques

des grandes entreprises ?

Comme vous le savez, le citronnier est connu pour ses variétés de citrons et limes.

Il est crédité de nombreuses vertus, mais la plus intéressante est

l’effet qu’il produit sur les kystes et les tumeurs.

Cette plante est un remède prouvé contre les cancers de tous types.

Certains disent qu’il est très utile dans toutes les variantes de cancer.

Il est également considéré comme un spectre anti-microbien contre les

infections bactériennes et les champignons, efficace contre les parasites

internes et les vers, il régule la tension artérielle trop élevée et est

un antidépresseur, tout en combattant le stress et les troubles nerveux.

La source de cette information est fascinante : il s’agit de l’un des

plus grands fabricants de médicaments au monde, qui dit que, après plus

de 20 ans d’essais en laboratoire depuis 1970, les extraits ont révélé qu’il

détruit les cellules malignes dans 12 cancers, notamment du côlon, du

sein, de la prostate, du poumon et du pancréas … Les composés de cet

arbre se sont avérés 10,000 fois plus efficace que le produit

adriamycine, un médicament chimio-thérapeutique normalement utilisé dans

le monde, pour ralentir la croissance des cellules cancéreuses.

Et ce qui est encore plus étonnant : ce type de thérapie avec l’extrait

de citron détruit seulement les cellules cancéreuses malignes

et elle n’affecte pas les cellules saines.

Institut Anca Anca Cercel N.D.
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The High Wisdom Of Kabbalah !!!!

I received an email yesterday from a student named Mike who asked, “Why should we desire more if the goal is to realize we don’t need anything more than we already have?”

I understand his confusion. Like many kabbalistic concepts, it is a paradox. We have exactly what we need to do the spiritual work we are here to do. This truth, however, does not negate the importance of desiring more. In fact, increasing our desire can push us to do the spiritual work necessary to receive the abundance that is meant for us.

Just because we have everything we need, doesn’t mean we have to settle for it. Be happy with what you have, but desire more. Desire is our vessel. The bigger the vessel, the more Light we can hold. The Creator wants to give us infinitely but our capacity, which I call the “pot,” is often too small. In my book Living Kabbalah, I tell a funny story about the importance of getting a bigger pot, explaining why desire is such an essential part of the spiritual work we do on the path of Kabbalah.

Desiring more doesn’t necessarily have to refer to quantity, either. Sometimes quality is more important. For example, you could be happy to have an amazing partner, but always desire to increase the quality of your connection.

Do you see an area in your life where you could be grateful and still desire more?

Yehuda Berg

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