Protection of EVIL EYE ! This Talisman made its Way Through History and Different Cultures !!!

08 Feb

A good example is feeling watched.
We intuitively know when someone is looking at us even when our back is turned. Knowing that, it’s not hard to understand how cultures could believe in the power of the evil eye – and of other’s thoughts.
The evil eye concept has moved into the feng shui realm and it’s common now to see the blue eye talisman displayed in Asian emporiums. Commonly called a ‘nazar’ in Turkey, the blue eye is used wherever there is a concern of jealousy and is meant to provide protection against the withering, desiccating effect of the evil eye.
Nazars are often placed at the entrance to a home, in offices, carried on your person, or worn as a charm. These are displayed to ward off the negative intentions of others who may be jealous or envious of your looks, your possessions or your relationships.
Often associated with the color blue and with fish, the nazar is associated with water because of the drawing and drying effect that the evil eye brings with it, and water’s ability to counter the withering ability of the evil eye.

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