Great Testimonial from GREEN GROUP !!! You can DO IT !!!!!

06 Feb

I will share a Testimonial or even few from Green Group Members in LinkedIn !! I am Happy to see how many are so AWARE and How Many People are taking actions to keep A Clean , Non Toxic Environment with so easy and No Cost Solutions !!!! Soooo …. TRUE and so Easy to Adopt !!! Yes North Americans , so much in Convenience and Consumming !!! Yes to Educate New Generations in REDUCING , REUSING and MINIMALISING and SAYING NO TO BIG BRANDS !!!!!!

1. vinegar and baking soda for:
a. limescale
b. water rings
c. tubs, toilets and sinks and faucets

2. Lemon:
a. getting rid of bacteria
b. disinfecting
c. mould (like let’s say, you had mould on your tent because you packed it away one summer and it got stinky). I would put lemon on the mould it and sunbleach it, just lay it out on the grass or place it on a clothes line outside on a sunny day BAM!

3. essential oils:
a. be careful not to confuse these with mineral oils OR with synthetics – buying them made of soy is renewable and safe
b. I put a few drops of these in a spray bottle with a bit of vinegar (tbl spoon) and dilute it with water. Then I go to town! Where the dog sits, where the boys came over to watch the big game on the sofa and now the house smells like nachos! I just spray that homemade concoction every where

In my opinion, what needs to happen is LESS subsidies to eco companies trying to make eco products (which I do support. Don’t mistake me, I use these true biodegradable and safe eco-products that I buy locally). Rather invest funds in strategies and tactics and programs that encourage the NEW generations to buy into:
REDUCING, REUSING and MINIMALIZING and saying NO to big brands and box stores and ELIMINATING the concept of CONVENIENCE. As North Americans, we are very motivated by convenience.

CONVENIENCE is ruining the Earth. But, with the proper grants and funds into children’s camps, high schools, etc to rid them of the concept of “but this is so much easier…” then I think we’ve got something.

That’s just my thought.

I’d love to hear others…

Also, if you like the eco-tips I gave there, stay tuned because I am starting my own blog soon AND I post daily “ecoTips” (as I call them) on Twitter @wendyalicemona. Follow me and change your ways!

Thanks for reading and considering.

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471

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