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Most people do not really want freedom because freedom involves responsibility,,, most peopl are frightened by responsibility and that paralyses them~~

Times have come to take responsibility of our own lives and actions for us and the collectivity! Stop being brainwashed by media and consumer societies… It is time to put awareness in evrerything we do and for the wellbeing of all humanity and our planet Earth! Gary Zourikian



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Did YOU Know WHY !?

Of Course it is NOt Understandable but you know WHY !? Only Because thé Human lost his Connection with the Nature , Natural Laws and Even with His Own Soul !!! Everything we were , we are are a Result of Natural Miracle Universal Laws !!! Detaching Yourself From Your MOTHER … – as The Nature it is Your Mother – it is disconnecting Yourself from Your Soul !!! For more Understanding I will add that Human Being will be Saved only when ” The Love of Power will be replaced by The Power of Love ” in a World when Not The Money will Gouverning !!! Thank You Gary Zourikian for your Inspirational Post !! ❤❤❤

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