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Benefits of CALLI TEA !

Like other forms of green tea, Calli Tea’s main benefit comes in detoxifying the body. Camellia sinensis, the main ingredient in Calli Tea, contains antioxidant polyphenol chemicals known as catechins. These catechins aid in the body’s natural cleansing process and absorb harmful free radicals, removing them from the body before they can do any damage. Unlike acidic beverages like coffee, Calli Tea is alkaline in nature, creating an environment within the body that prohibits the easy absorption of impurities and toxins resulting from the normal digestive process. As a result of the improved detoxification, Calli Tea drinkers report increased mental clarity and improved function of the immune, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.


Calli Tea’s detoxification properties help improve digestion, aiding in the elimination of waste without serving as a laxative or diuretic. Drinking Cinnamon Calli Tea, in particular, can prove beneficial to digestion, with cinnamon long revered for its ability to soothe stomach discomfort and calm nausea symptoms.


Aside from its detoxifying abilities, camellia sinensis acts as an antibacterial to combat infections. Calli Tea also contains lemon herbal extract, another recognized antibacterial and antiviral herb in Chinese medicine. Because of these ingredients, drinking Calli Tea can help ease symptoms of the common cold.


According to Chinese medicine, herbalists also prescribe camellia sinensis to treat asthma and other respiratory ailments. Chrysanthemum flower, another ingredient in Calli Tea, provides relief of sinus congestion and allergy symptoms, while also acting to strengthen the lungs. Mint flavored Calli Tea only enhances these benefits, with mint’s strong aroma helpful in opening up congested noses, throats and lungs.


Calli Tea offers the same soothing effects of other herbal teas, helping calm the mind and alleviate stress. However, Calli Night, another Calli variation, enhances relaxation and promotes a more restful sleep thanks to ingredients such as passion flower, ho shou wu, jujube seed, poria, camellia leaf, sage root, rose hip, imperate root, and winter melon seed.

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My Testimonial in LinkedIn GREEN GROUP !!

Anca de CERCEL • Yes we may have to Support the Country we live in Economy , to use and Encourage the Local Producers , but mean time , times are for a Global Concerning , for Unity of all forces who are having the Same Concerning which Must be the Planet ! We may also have to put an accent in encouraging the Farmers all over the world and looking for their pure and organic products ! I see lots of People here in Canada who don’t really know what are the Means of a ” Natural Product ” !!!!!! Not at all understanding that Compagnies who are Claiming Vegetale Products , or Based on are not at All Natural !!! They do not know about means of A Raw Materials , Vegetable Oils , Natural Butters ! So I must say that Eutope it is much more informed and much more concerned about Real Natural and Ecological products and they really look for much more than Canadians and Americans ! Of course , we can see still a lots being concerned here in Canada and Natural Stores are everywhere but , as I can see it in my practice still people being a lot addict to Medication and to Products are not expensive , buying what ever they can find over the Counter in Wal – Mart or Pharmacies !!! I do not judge , or Criticize but I am Observing and mean time asking Oppinions !!! Some times I am very discourage when few customers tell me ” I really don’t care for the environment ” !!! Wow !!!! It is real , believe me !!! And this one working for Pfisser !!! Very dedicate people to medication and not even trying to work on prevention , no interest !! As everyone can see it the statistic Quebec it is the Province with the Higher Rate Consumers of Medication !! Well , My Practice talking about my passion for Environment , Health and Wellness !! All I am Preaching it is about the Human Being as a Whole in a Holistic Way and this is also can be apply as a term to name the Global , Whole World , Whole Planet !!! No one it is by self , no one can Succed or live being only concerned of Self !! Times are for Unity and Unity it is to look at the Human Being as a Whole and using all the Mother Earth Ressources which are Huge !!! It is also important to Undertsand that Food it is So important and mean time all what we are using on the Skin !! As we know skin it is the Organ who absorbed everything we use on , so all we are Using on it is as a Food for the skin which it is a Transmetor to the blood Stream !! All chemicals being used on the skin , even if Huge Cosmetics Compagnies claiming are Safe , still I believe are Really Not !!! Every drop of a chemicals on skin on ingerated are Affecting the Whole as well the Transformed Food and everything we are exposed in our environment !!! People goes for Publicity and Huge advertising by all media , this all what they see it and also looking fora Quick Fix !! I can see it in my practice the Doubts they have about Old Herbal Remedies and it is very hard to convince them that A Herbal Tea may help a lot in a specific condition , very hard to convince them to adopt and use a Natural Soap even or a Natural Deo !!! Lately I discovered in France ” Noix de Lavage ” Washing Nuts , Eco and Bio Org Nuts and I am soooo happy and Reffering to everyone as the Best solution for Laundry or even for Hous Cleaning along with the Old Vinegar or adding Essential Oils to our laundry water !!!! I got a very skeptical attitude and look as I am Crazy !!! How they will just through away the so many chemicals detergents and Laundry softners , and so many bottles of Shampoo and Conditioners !? Looking like almost impossible for people to use only Nuts or Only a pure Aleppo or Marseille Soap !!!!! 3 Natural products for the Skin , Body and Hair will respond so well to all needs as I mentioned the Prickly Pear seeds Oil , Argan Oil and Rhassoul ” La Terre qui Lave ” and a Good Natural Soap made only from Olives Oils as well Natural Butters and lots of Very Valuable Vegetable Oils !!! We dont know about SIMPLICITY and children are more and more victims of Allergies !

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Anca de CERCEL

Anca de CERCEL • Consumming it is the Devise of a Lots Of People without knowing or being interested what they Put in their Mouth or using on their Skin !!! Still seeing that People , Young People and kids are More and more sick and the Big Pharma , just injected medication more and more and creating other illnesses , for more need of medication , still being an Evidence , still it is not SEE IT !! All about it is a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and AWARENESS !!! From this then we can Work in CHANGE ! Also I will mention a Wisdom Quota ” When the Love of Power will be replace by The Power of Love ” only then we can Make Sustainable Changes in the World !!! We do our Job , and ONE Even can make a difference by spreading AWARENESS !!!!

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Produits Naturelles d’Hygiène pour Tout La Famille !

Utiliser pour Votre Enfant et Votre Bébé des Chose Naturels pour Son Hygiène !!!! Le Plus Efficace et Naturel à utiliser à la place des Shampoing c’est l’ ARGILE LAVANTE , le Rhassoul que je vous ai Fait connaître plusieurs Fois !!! Ça marche pour nous Aussi !! Vous allez avoir des Beau Cheveaux , Brillantes et En Santé sans besoin d’un Millions des Produits et Conditioners !!!! Choisissez le Savon D’Alep aussi pour Tout La Famille et Éviter le développement des Alergies et Eczéma sur La Peau !! Des Produits qui Ont Prouver leur Efficacité et le Bien Être à Travers l’Histoire !!! Tout question des Anciens Traditions et du Respect , une Vie En Parfait Accord avec La Nature !! C’est très peu qu’ont peut sauver maintenant mais en Adoptant une Conscience Nouvelle et des petits gestes , ont s’assure la Survie dans Une Monde en Plein Transformation , avec La Nature qui se retourne contre nous , une conséquence de notre Détachement de tout les Lois Naturelles !!! Institut Anca
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