A New Consciousness it is imposing !! Think about the Impact on Health of All Artificial Fragrances

13 Dec

5 minutes ago
The Impact on Health from an Every Day Contact of Chemicals Fragrances !! Just to To Think About !!!!

Most personal care and functional products contain added fragrance. When we use soaps, lotions, shampoos, cleaners, detergents, and other commonly used items we are exposed to literally hundreds of chemicals used to scent these products. Exposure is not limited to what is personally used. Fragrance chemicals are volatile and get into the air quickly. Each time we breath, fragrance from each scented item used by each person enters our lungs..
With increased usage and exposures concerns emerged. There were increased complaints that fragrance triggered asthma, migraines, allergies, and other health effects. Synthetic musk compounds present in most scented products were being found in waters from rivers and streams. The volatile compounds used in fragrance also impacted air quaility.
Concerns were also being raised about flavors and other additives used in foods. Materials used to scent products are often the same as those used to flavor foods.
So … !?!? All Artificial Fragrances are Having an Important Impact on Health !!!

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