05 Dec

I do not know if All of You are Familiarized with thé FAIR TRADE CONCEPT and thé meanings of Supporting and being part of thé GREEN and FAIR TRADE COmmunity !? Excepting few of You I didn’t see it so many Manifesting an Interest fr the Natural Products issued from a Biological Organic Free of Chemicals , Agriculture !!! I didn’t see it that People realized the Means and multiple benefits Of ARGAN , OLIVE , MACADAMIA , PRICKLY PEAR SEEDS , RHASSOUL , ESS Oils . And so On !!! It is SAd because the entire world now it is so Implicated in Green Groups in saving our planet and a Lots Of People understand the necessity of Cutting an Unreasonable Consomation based on Making High Incomes when Others are starving !!! I Think we all need to Rise the Consciousness to a More Global Level and get Back to Ancestral so Efficient ways of Living and Healing by all Mother Earth Gifts !!! It is Sad to See No Interest and to See some Still rushing to Promote Big Companies in Stead to Promote a Fair Trade Market !!! Well .. This is All What it’s the Essence of My Work which is Nt Work But Passion !!! In this Terms Institut Anca , by Respect for Everyone Interests and Orientations will Be More and More TRUE to Her Mission and Credo so .. Will WELCOME in 2013 ONLY PEOPLE for WHO all This Values are Important and who Manifesting at List an Interest and Implication by an Opening and A Desire of Embracing New Ways in Beauty , Health and Wellbeing ! As a Naturopath and Holistic Therapist I have to Remain TRUE to My Mission and TRUE to Others !! Pls Considerating Well All this Before Any Appointment in the New Year Coming !! The Whole World it’s in Change so … We have No Choice to Embrace CHANGE !! Thank You To All Customers and Friends ! Institut Anca it’s Changing it’s Priorities , pls All To Be Aware and To Make the Right Choice For YOU according to Your Stage of Evolution and Own Needs !!!!

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