21 Nov

Institut Anca Line of Natural Cosmetics composition it is Based only the Best Bio Org Certified Oils by ECOCERT !!! The Natural Products are Inspired from Ancestral Beauty Secret and mean time are a Today Object of Laboratories Studies and Approved to be commercialize by many Cosmetics Companies !!! Many Companies endorsed their Cosmetics as being Organic and Naturals but if you will read the labels you will be surprised by the Presence of so many Chemicals Substances !!! When we are Reading a Cosmetic Product Label we may have to be Familiarize with the Regulations !!! The Ingredients are Named in Order of their quantity , percent into the Product call us a Natural !!! Just Pay Attention to the Labels and See which Actives , ingredients take the First Place on the Labels !! By the end you may see the mention of Some Vegetable Oils or Essential Oils which in any case they were transformed through the technological industrial Process !!!! What the Majority of Consumers considering a ” Natural Product ” it is NEVER a NATURAL Product as long Chemical Actives they show their Presence in first place on a Label !!! You may also have to consider that Any Natural Product can be sell over the Counter !! You have the Choice of course and all depends how much YOU are concerned about what are you Eating and what are you using on your Skin !!! You may have to ask yourself a Simple Question …. How come a Body Oil claiming contain ARGAN OIL or PRICKLY PEAR SEED Oil can cost 10$- 15$ when the Price of This oils it is so elevate !! Here an example : 120 ml of Pure Argan oil it is sold around 100 $ so 1000$ the Liter to not talk about the100% Prickly Pear Seeds Oil and Cactus Oil which are Sold between 2000- 3500$ liter !?!? so this is a Simple Question with a Very Clear Answer as a Conclusion !! All Pure , Natural Ingredients are Very Costly and mean time with a Huge Value for Health and Beauty when use it In Original !! Any Transformation made by Chemical Process or High Temperatures change completely the Composition and the Benefits of a Natural Active !!
Mean time Big Cosmetics Companies will sell to You a Product at a Very High Price knowing the Values of Pure Vegetable Actives but … How much of the Active it will be use in the composition !? Not so much but a lots of Chemicals as having the role to Preserve a Cosmetic Life for 2. -3 years !!!! None of the Pure Natural Oils or Vegetable Actives having a Shelf Life of 2-3 years so … It cant be a Claim for a NATURAL PRODUCT !!!

Institut Anca
Anca Cercel N.D.
514 -996-9471


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