HEALING EFFECTS of BENZOIN !! Benzoin is valued for its soothing and warming properties; its scented gum has been collected and traded for thousands of years. Benzoin oil is nurturing and motherly and brings comfort if you are sad and depressed. Its warming properties enhance feelings of happiness and positive energy. Benzoin is obtained from the resin of the Styrax benzoin tree and has been prized in the East for centuries as an incense to fumigate and dispel evil spirits. The resin is dissolved in alcohol solvents to give benzoin oil, which has remarkable energizing and rejuvenating effects on the mind, body and spirit. Its rich, vanilla-like aroma combines well with spices and other tree oils. Use benzoin oil to instill confidence and enhance feelings of contentment. Benzoin is calming yet elevating, making it valuable in treating emotional exhaustion and anxiety. It warms the heart and improves circulation, and is an effective tonic for the urinary tract, helping to combat infection. Benzoin is especially useful when combined with rose or lavender oil to treat irritated skin conditions. Benzoin is not a true essential oil, but is classed as a resinoid. The resin gel is not volatile enough for steam distillation. Instead, it is extracted using benzene or alcohol solvents. Benzoin is extremely rich in esters, such as benzyl benzoate. The esters give benzoin its rich sweet odor and warming properties. Esters have gentle therapeutic actions and are anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. They also contribute to benzoin’s ability to heat and soothe skin rashes. Benzoin oil also contains other active ingredients. These are aldehydes, acids and oxides. Apply the relaxing and revitalizing properties of benzoin in your home, to soothe a tired mind, take a relaxing bath and warm the atmosphere. Use the fortifying and soothing properties of benzoin oil to bring comfort and joy back into your life.

21 Oct

via Institut ANCA



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