26 Sep

Woman with dry skin


Any busy woman loves a versatile beauty product and DREAM CREAM ( Coco Nut , Shea Butter , Almond Oil with a Heavenly Natural Flavor of Coco Vanilla Fig Essential Oils ) 30.00$ It’s been proven to minimise wrinkles and create smoother skin. This product can be used on your body as well as your face.

We always have to remember that Before any Great Cream we can Use on The Skin it’s Essential to Clean the Skin and Remove all Dead Skin 2-3 Times / week !!! The Most Recommended and Loved by All Customers it’s the ” MOROCCO SECRET ” Scrub and Mask !!! This Fantastic Product Replace any Make Up Remover and Mean Time can Be Use as a MASK !!! 25.00$

Another excellent product for all types of Skin is BONNE MINE – 35.00$ ( Tomatoes Oil and Active Organic Relax -Rides ) . Layered under your makeup, it revitalize and protects your skin against the winter elements! 2- Nd Best Choice la CREME OCEANIA ( Marin Algo Boost Extract ) 45.00 $

The Most Recommend One with Fantastic Anti Age Results Is OUR BEST SERUM with ARGAN& CACTUS OIL 35.00$ ( Used also Fora Healthy Shiny Hair ) and the BEST CREAM ANTI – AGE ” DESERT SECRET” ( Cactus Oil& Argan Oil ) 65.00 $ Use it day or night and apply to your face, neck and the Specific Around The EYES formula the ” DESERT SECRET” ( Vegetal Collagen and Cactus Oil to reduce Black Circles and Best Anti Wrinkles ) 35.00$

Promotion :

CREME ” DESERT SECRET” + Precious Serum Oil ” DESERT SECRET” for 75.00$

Hurry Up !! This Promotion is only for 1 Month – ending on 25 Oct !!!


You may be hiding your legs under jeans and leggings but as soon as you rip them off, you’ll be faced with dry skin on your pins. Regular moisturising is essential but there are products that really do a fabulous job of keeping your legs looking lovely. Try the BODY OIL ” ISLAND NIGHTS a ( Natural Org Vegetable Oils Blend ) with the Natural Aromatherapy Blend of Essential Oils . Not only does it keep your skin happy, it does wonders for your feet after a long night in stillettos! For the rough spots (knees, elbows, feet and hands), you may need something heavy-duty. Have a look at Another great multi-tasker is This little beauty can be used on cracked heels, elbows, hands, chapped lips the BEAUTY BUTTER BAR ( Solid Shea Butter 100 % Natural ) For an all-over moisturizer !


There’s nothing worse than dry, chapped lips. It hurts and looks unsightly. Always make sure you have a remedy at hand to stop the dry lips getting worse NATURAL SHEA & ALMOND OIL Solid Lip Gloss ( Apricot, Vanilla , Coco , Peach Natural Flavors ) is a good one to keep in your handbag. It’s all natural and keeps your lips soft and smooth. You could also try the Our Natural LIP GLOSS in a Tube .. If you’d prefer something with a bit of colour, look for The rose tint and smell is gorgeous !!!

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